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document SureForce with Kinze Four Inch Setback
SureForce with Kinze Four Inch Setback Ag Leader SureForce is supported on Kinze 3000 series puller row units running the four inch setback without requiring any additional hardware. The pictures on the left side show the standard Kinze 3000 SureForce install. The pictures on the right show SureForce installed with the 4” setback. Notice the only changes are the angle of the SureForce actuator.
10 Dec, 2018 Views: 19
document Using the Monitor Tree
Why would you use the Monitor Tree? The Monitor Tree can be a useful tool when data is not appearing in the Main Tree where you believe it should be. This tree allows us to locate the field based on what monitor it was recorded on. The Monitor Tree can be found in the bar below the Main Management Tree. Select the Monitor tab to view the Monitor Tree. The Monitor Tree hierarchy differs from the Main Management Tree. The structure is as shown below: Monitor Serial Number Year Field ...
10 Dec, 2018 Views: 21
document Creating a Pivot
1. Create a new Attribute Tools > Attribute Editor, Add New > Name = Pivot Definition , Attribute Group = General, Data Type = Selection List, Display Type > Add, Selection List Name = Dryland/Irrigated, Add New (2 times) Value ID 0 = Dryland, Value ID 1 = Irrigated > OK > OK > Close 2. Management Tree > Select the Grower/Farm/Field > Create a Map (full boundary) > Turn down Transparency File > New > Generic Layer > Generic > Copy From Layer>...
07 Dec, 2018 Views: 508
document AgFiniti DisplayCast and Data Usage Explained
AgFiniti and Data Usage When using AgFiniti and especially with DisplayCast, there are few things to consider when determining how much data will be used and what type of data plan will be needed. How does data move around and when in AgFiniti and DisplayCast? AgFiniti and DisplayCast sync types Sync Type When (with DisplayCast set to ON) What Notes Initial Sync On initial AgFiniti login or after cloud is cleared Management items...
07 Dec, 2018 Views: 137
document InCommand™ 800
The InCommand™ 800 display serves as an economical hub for your precision farming operations. Take advantage of our most popular year-round precision tools all in one package: machine guidance control, SeedCommand™ planting control, DirectCommand™ application control, yield monitoring and more. Initial Release Date: November 2015 Display Manuals Title Description Part Number Revision Operator's Manual - InCommand (77mb) Manual with all...
07 Dec, 2018 Views: 8113
document InCommand™ 1200
InCommand™ 1200 is the flagship of the InCommand line, built on Ag Leader’s industry leading precision ag display technology. With InCommand 1200, you get year-round efficient machine control plus instantaneous information to simplify crucial decisions that impact your yield and profitability. See vital information in the tractor cab to help you manage machine functionality and react on-the-go to changing field conditions. Plus, take your field data and maps with you on your...
07 Dec, 2018 Views: 28448
document DisplayCast ™ FAQ
This article will answer common questions about DisplayCast™. This document will continuously be updated. Jump to a question below: Functionality What information is synced between displays using DisplayCast? How fast will maps in an active event sync? If one display disconnects from the internet, will it automaticallly reconnect and sync missing data? How many displays can be logged in at one time? How many displays can automatically sync data at one time? Can I choose what information is...
07 Dec, 2018 Views: 1701
document Display Firmware
The latest firmware for your display is provided for free from Ag Leader. See the detailed download instructions at the bottom of the page, then select the appropriate link from the tables below to begin your download. Jump to a section below: Ag Leader Branded Displays InCommand 1200 InCommand 800 Ag Leader® Integra Versa Compass EDGE InSight PFadvantage PF3000 PRO PF3000 Non-Ag Leader Branded Displays AutoFarm Integra AutoFarm Versa AutoFarm EDGE SDF Agrosky...
05 Dec, 2018 Views: 80758
document SureForce Hydraulic Down Force with Uplift
SureForce automatically adjusts force on the planter row unit to maintain consistent depth no matter the field conditions. Bidirectional control with integrated hydraulic down force and uplift capability. Initial release date: 2018 Manuals / Feature User Guide Title Description of Documentation Part Number InCommand 1200 Operator's Manual Manual with all InCommand user guides combined into a single document. 2006395-ENG ...
05 Dec, 2018 Views: 910
document Guidance and Steering Firmware
Firmware and upgrade instructions for guidance and steering systems. Please read the instructions carefully before you attempt an upgrade. Jump to a section below: ECU-S1 (OnTrac3 / SteerCommand) ParaDyme GeoSteer SA Module - Wheeled EZ-Steer EZ-Guide controllers EZ-Guide 500 / EZ-Guide 250 EZ-Guide Plus EZ-Guide CBS Remote Access Firmware ECU-S1 (OnTrac3 / SteerCommand) Version Download Link Release Date Release Notes 4.4.34114 ...
05 Dec, 2018 Views: 26089
document John Deere Gen 4 Data Troubleshooting
Monitor files In some instances, users may run into the following. When reading in a large amount of John Deere Gen4 data, SMS will attempt to gather file information for a long period of time and then give a file processing error without reading in any data. To get around this, users will need to break the larger folder structures into smaller amounts of data that SMS can handle. Instructions on how to do this are listed below. Create a “JD-Data” folder on your desktop Create and...
04 Dec, 2018 Views: 45
document GPS Firmware
Firmware for Ag Leader GPS receivers and RTK base stations is included here. Please note that some upgrades should only be performed by an authorized dealer. If you need firmware for the ParaDyme or GeoSteer, please see the Guidance and Steering Firmware page. Jump to section below: GPS Receivers GPS 6500 Relay (for GPS 6500) GPS 1600 GPS 5200 / GPS 5100 GPS 4100 GPS 3100 / GPS 3050 / GPS 3000 GPS 2500 GPS 2100 / GPS 2000 GPS 1500 GPS 1100 Plus GPS 1000 Plus Bluetooth GPS...
04 Dec, 2018 Views: 20517
document What is the difference between PCM vs PCM2?
Physically the modules look the same with the exception of the sticker on the front.
30 Nov, 2018 Views: 61
document Soil Sampling - Attributes not showing up in Data Grid
Q: Why are attributes not saving to the data grid? Question: Why are attributes not saving or showing up in the data grid? Answer: For attributes to save within the data grid or to be added to the legend list, the attributes need to be set as Mappable. This can be adjusted under Tools > Attribute Editor. Example: User adds an attribute to the data grid and upon selecting save, the attributes disappear.
29 Nov, 2018 Views: 32
document GNSS Receivers
Operator's manuals for all GPS receivers are listed below. Please note that manuals for ParaDyme and GeoSteer are listed with the other Steering Systems. Jump to section: GPS 6500 GPS 6000 GPS 5100 / 5200 GPS 4100 GPS 3000 / 3050 / 3100 GPS 2500 GPS 2000 / 2100 GPS 1600 GPS 1500 GPS 1000 / 1000 Plus / 1100 GPS 6500 Compatible with the InCommand, Ag Leader Integra, Versa, and Compass displays. Required to use SteerCommand. RTK, TerraStar, WAAS & GLIDE...
29 Nov, 2018 Views: 9176
document Configuring GPS 6500/7500 For RTK External
For InCommand 1200 and 800 displays Receiver must be unlocked for RTK Go into Setup > GPS/Guidance Setup > GPS 6500/7500 Setup If connecting to external NTRIP Caster that requires NMEA strings go to Port B and enable strings and hertz rate needed If connecting to external Radio go into Port B and disable all nmea strings If running NTRIP on InCommand it will not require Port B NMEA strings to be adjusted On General Tab switch RTK connection type to RTK External NOTE: if on v3.0...
28 Nov, 2018 Views: 1331
document GPS 6500/7500 rover settings for Intellislope
What is needed to set the GPS 6500/7500 rover to function properly with Intellislope? GPS 6500/7500 and Relay 400 or 900 with RTK authorization code entered GPS 6500/7500 dual port cable Ag Leader Integra display Setup Steps Plug the GPS 6500/7500 dual port cable (port A) into the Ag Leader display cable. From the home screen select the double ended wrench icon>GPS/Guidance Setup>GPS 6500 wrench. Uncheck (turn off) StableLoc and NMEA Talker as pictured below. StableLoc must be...
28 Nov, 2018 Views: 2532
document Top 11 Intellislope Questions
1.) Q. I’ m doing a survey and it doesn’t have a speed or heading, nor does it save the survey. A. VTG string is off, needs to be turned on and at 5 to 10 hertz 2.) Q. When using a GPS 6500 or GPS 7500 for Intellislope, my vehicle icon is not moving and the vehicle speed is not coming through. GPS Diagnostics show all DOP values, speed and heading and position rates show adequate Hz. A. Ensure NMEA Talker is unchecked. Also read this related article on GPS 6500 rover settings for...
28 Nov, 2018 Views: 7922
document GPS 7500/6500/6000 Force Connection – Moving GPS 7500/6500/6000 from InCommand to Integra/Versa/Compass Displays
When a GPS 6500 or GPS 7500 is connected to an InCommand 800/1200 v1.1+ (v3.5+ required for GPS 7500) display, the connected receiver port (A or B) baud rate is automatically defaulted to 460,800 (GPS 6000 is defaulted to 230400 baud on connected port). This baud rate is too high for use with Ag Leader Integra/Versa/Compass displays. In the event that a user plugs a GPS 6000/6500/7500 receiver (set at 230,400 or 460,800 baud rate) into an Ag Leader Integra/Versa/Compass, users must go through the...
28 Nov, 2018 Views: 1353
document Configuring GPS 7500, 6500, and 6000 For Legacy Displays
When configuring the GPS 7500, 6500, or 6000 receivers through an Ag Leader compatible display, a Dual Port Mobile Logging Cable (PN: 4004176-18) and an Ag Leader Null Modem Cable (PN: 2000819) are required. Port B on the mobile logging must be plugged into the display cable in order to configure Port A. Go to Status Indicator (top right button) > GNSS > View Messages Press command window keyboard > type "unlogall com1" > green check > Send : This will clear out any commands foreground...
28 Nov, 2018 Views: 1973
document Q: How can I see my SmartFirmer data on SMS 19.0 if it was read into a previous version of SMS?
Question: How can I see my SmartFirmer data on SMS 19.0 if it was read in to a previous version of SMS? Answer: Users will need to delete the planting data from the Management Tree and then reprocess the data by going to Services > Reprocess Files. It is recommended to create a backup prior to deleting the data from the Management Tree.
28 Nov, 2018 Views: 20
document Harvest International with SureDrive and SureForce
Harvest International with SureDrive/SureForce When looking to add SureDrive and/or SureForce to a Harvest International planter, some parts will be sourced from Harvest International while others will be sourced from Ag Leader. Components provided by Harvest International SureDrive mounting brackets (for Selenium meter) SureForce brackets Upper and lower brackets RCM mounting brackets Components provided by Ag Leader SureDrive motor and all other necessary components ...
28 Nov, 2018 Views: 76
document Precision Planting Master Overview
Precision Planting Displays: 20/20 SeedSense File Type: .dat File Path: X:/Grower/Grower_Farm_SN#/Year/Field/field_map_year_month_day_seq.dat Precision Planting calls the Grower (Client) SN# = Display serial number Seq = sequence number for the dataset for each day starting with 000 Miscellaneous Notes: Varieties/hybrids will not import Product group, Usage, Form or Crop Type to SMS. If the user is exporting the planting data for variety tracking in other displays...
26 Nov, 2018 Views: 1412
document AutoSteer System Hardware Compatibility
Table below shows AutoSteer system compatibility with different hardware. SteerCommand ParaDyme GeoSteer OnTrac3 OnTrac2+ OnTrac2 Compact/Hydac Valve X X X MDU-G4 X X X MDU2/3 X X X X ECU-S1 X¹ X ECU4 X X ECU2 X GCU X SA Module X X* SAM2 (Vehicle Interface Module) X* *Deere AutoTrac...
20 Nov, 2018 Views: 1593
document John Deere Master Overview
John Deere Master Overview Displays: Original GreenStar (Brown Box) GreenStar 2 – 1800 GreenStar 2 – 2600 GreenStar 3 – 2630 Gen 4 - 4600/4630 Universal Display - 4640 Original GreenStar: File Types: .gsd and .gsy File Path: X:\pfdata\ GreenStar 2 - 1800: File Types: The global.ver file is used as a reference for navigating through the folder structure to the actual files containing the spatial information. File Path: X:\RCD\ GreenStar...
20 Nov, 2018 Views: 7624