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document Setting up NMEA Out on ParaDyme/GeoSteer/GPS 2500 for use with NTRIP RTK on InCommand
Follow the steps below to properly configure NMEA out on ParaDyme, GeoSteer and 2500 in order to use NTRIP on the InCommand GPS 2500 From Home Screen, select Wrench – GPS/Guidance Setup - set differential source to RTK External Select Wrench and set baud to 38400 for proper function Paradyme/GeoSteer From Home Screen, select Wrench – GPS/Guidance Setup Select Wrench next to ParaDyme/GeoSteer Select GPS Tab Select Precision Settings ...
16 Mar, 2018 Views: 40
document Deutsch | Deutschland (Germany)
Die dokumente wurden unter der englischen version übersetzt. Bedienungsanleitungen / Kurzreferenzen Title Description Part Number Revision InCommand Bedienungsanleitung (21 MB) 2006395-DEU Rev I InCommand Kurzreferenz (6 MB) 4004700-DEU Rev I Ag Leader Integra Bedienungsanleitung (10 MB) 4002083-DEU Rev N Ag Leader Integra / Versa Kurzreferenz (1 MB) 2005979-DEU Rev H Versa Bedienungsanleitung (8...
16 Mar, 2018 Views: 564
document John Deere Master Overview
John Deere Master Overview Displays: Original GreenStar (Brown Box) GreenStar 2 – 1800 GreenStar 2 – 2600 GreenStar 3 – 2630 Gen 4 - 4600/4630 Universal Display - 4640 Original GreenStar: File Types: .gsd and .gsy File Path: X:\pfdata\ GreenStar 2 - 1800: File Types: The global.ver file is used as a reference for navigating through the folder structure to the actual files containing the spatial information. File Path: X:\RCD\ GreenStar...
15 Mar, 2018 Views: 1899
document Guidance and Steering Firmware
Firmware and upgrade instructions for guidance and steering systems. Please read the instructions carefully before you attempt an upgrade. Jump to a section below: Authorized Dealer Upgrades ECU-S1 (OnTrac3 / SteerCommand) ParaDyme GeoSteer SA Module - Wheeled EZ-Steer EZ-Guide controllers EZ-Guide 500 / EZ-Guide 250 EZ-Guide Plus EZ-Guide Authorized Dealer Upgrades Product Version Release Date ECU-S1 (OnTrac3 / SteerCommand) 4.2.33717 ...
15 Mar, 2018 Views: 19100
document BR1 Mini Cell Modem InCommand DisplayCast Quick Reference Guide
2006473 InCommand Cellular Modem
14 Mar, 2018 Views: 415
document SteerCommand
The SteerCommand controller features 9 axis terrain compensation by having 3 sensors sensing each axis - one each for yaw, pitch and roll, familiar AutoSteer user interface and calibration routines and a familiar installation procedure. SteerCommand requires the use of an Ag Leader branded GPS 6500 and an Ag Leader® Integra, Versa or Compass display. SteerCommand is not compatible with the GPS 6000 receiver, nor is it compatible with any other third party receiver. Initial Release...
12 Mar, 2018 Views: 26311
document Inlet Restriction Alarm - Direct Injection
Overview The injection pump has a vacuum switch that is used to warn operators of any restriction at the inlet of the pump. The sensor is a normally closed switch that opens if a restriction is encountered in the injection system. A warning will be displayed for the operator if the vacuum switch opens due to restriction. Resolution Inspect Pump: First, make sure the 3-way valve is in the operate position. Next, check for plugged strainer on the inlet of the pump. Finally, refer to injection pump...
09 Mar, 2018 Views: 45
document pусский | pоссия (Russia)
Документы ниже были переведены с английского версии. Руководство оператора / Краткое справочное руководство Title Description Part Number Revision InCommand Руководство оператора (21 MB) 2006395-RUS Rev I InCommand Краткое справочное руководство (6 MB) 4004700-RUS Rev I Ag Leader...
08 Mar, 2018 Views: 1173
document Język Polski | Polska (Poland)
Poniżej dokumenty zostały przetłumaczone z angielskiej wersji. Podręczniki Operatora / Skrócona Instrukcje Użytkownika Title Description Part Number Revision InCommand Podręcznik Operatora (21 MB) 2006395-POL Rev I InCommand Skrócona Instrukcja Użytkownika (6 MB) 4004700-POL Rev I Ag Leader Integra Podręcznik Operatora (10 MB) 4002083-POL Rev N Ag Leader Integra / Versa Skrócona Instrukcja Użytkownika...
08 Mar, 2018 Views: 497
document Nederlands | Nederlands (Netherlands)
De onderstaande documenten zijn vertaald uit het Engels versie. Handleiding / Naslaggids Title Description Part Number Revision InCommand Handleiding voor Chauffeurs (21 MB) 2006395-NLD Rev I InCommand Naslaggids (6 MB) 4004700-NLD Rev I Ag Leader Integra Handleiding voor Chauffeurs (10 MB) 4002083-NLD Rev N Ag Leader Integra / Versa Naslaggids (1 MB) 2005979-NLD Rev H Versa Handleiding voor...
08 Mar, 2018 Views: 647
document Lietuvių kalba | Lietuva (Lithuania)
Žemiau pateikti dokumentai buvo išversti iš angliško varianto. Naudotojo vadovas / Trumpas nuorodų vadovas Title Description Part Number Versija InCommand Naudotojo vadovas (8 MB) 4004700-LIT v 3.0 Compass Trumpas nuorodų vadovas (1 MB) 2006357-LIT Ag Leader Integra / Versa Trumpas nuorodų vadovas (1 MB) 2005979-LIT
08 Mar, 2018 Views: 192
document Italiano | Italia (Italy)
I documenti di seguito sono stati tradotti dalla versione inglese. Manuali per Operatori / Guide di Riferimento Rapido Title Description Part Number Revision InCommand Manuale per Operatori (21 MB) 2006395-ITA Rev I InCommand Guida di Riferimento Rapido (6 MB) 4004700-ITA Rev I Ag Leader Integra Manuale per Operatori (6 MB) 4002083-ITA Rev N Ag Leader Integra / Versa Guida di Riferimento Rapido (1 MB) ...
08 Mar, 2018 Views: 379
document Magyar | Magyarország (Hungary)
Az alábbi dokumentumok kerültek fordították az angol változatot. Használati útmutató / Összefoglaló útmutató Title Description Part Number Revision InCommand Használati útmutató (21 MB) 2006395-HUN Rev I InCommand Összefoglaló útmutató (6 MB) 4004700-HUN Rev I Ag Leader Integra Használati útmutató (10 MB) 4002083-HUN Rev N Ag Leader Integra / Versa Összefoglaló útmutató (1 MB) ...
08 Mar, 2018 Views: 428
document Français | France (France)
Les documents ci-dessous ont été traduits de la version anglaise. Manuels d’utilisation / Guides de référence Title Description Part Number Revision InCommand Manuel d’utilisation (21 MB) 2006395-FRA Rev I InCommand Guide de référence (6 MB) 4004700-FRA Rev I Ag Leader Integra Manuel d’utilisation (10 MB) 4002083-FRA Rev N Ag Leader Integra Guide de référence (1 MB) 2005979-FRA Rev H ...
08 Mar, 2018 Views: 813
document Suomi | Soumi (Finland)
Asiakirjat alla käännettiin Englanti versio. Käyttöoppaita / Pikaopas Title Description Part Number Revision InCommand Käyttöopas (21 MB) 2006395-FIN Rev I InCommand Pikaopas (6 MB) 4004700-FIN Rev I Ag Leader Integra Käyttöopas (5 MB) 4002083-FIN Rev N Ag Leader Integra / Versa Pikaopas (1 MB) 2005979-FIN Rev H Versa Käyttöopas (8 MB) 4002722-FIN Rev H Compass...
08 Mar, 2018 Views: 337
document Eesti | Eesti (Estonia)
Dokumendid allpool tõlgiti inglise versiooni. Kasutusjuhend / Lühijuhend Title Description Part Number Püsivara versioon InCommand Kasutusjuhend (8 MB) 4004700-EST v 3.0 Compass Kasutusjuhend (3 MB) 4003964-EST Compass Lühijuhend (1 MB) 2006357-EST Ag Leader Integra Kasutusjuhend (8 MB) 4002083-EST Ag Leader Integra / Versa Lühijuhend (1 MB) 2005979-EST Versa...
08 Mar, 2018 Views: 237
document Danske | Danmark (Denmark)
Dokumenterne nedenfor blev oversat fra den engelske version. Brugervejledninger / Hurtig Referenceguides Title Description Part Number Revision InCommand Brugervejledning (21 MB) 2006395-DNK Rev I InCommand Hurtig Referenceguide (6 MB) 4004700-DNK Rev I Ag Leader Integra Brugervejledning (10 MB) 4002083-DNK Rev N Ag Leader Integra / Versa Hurtig Referenceguide (1 MB) 2005979-DNK Rev H Versa...
08 Mar, 2018 Views: 515
document Česky | čeština (Czech Republic)
Níže uvedené dokumenty byly přeloženy z anglické verze. Informativní příručka Title Description Part Number Verze firmwaru InCommand Uživatelská příručka (8 MB) 4004700-CZE v 3.0 Compass Informativní příručka (1 MB) 2006357-CZE Ag Leader Integra / Versa Informativní příručka (1 MB) 2005979-CZE
08 Mar, 2018 Views: 312
document Svensk | Sverige (Sweden)
De dokument nedan översatta från den engelska versionen. Operatörshandbok / Snabbreferensguide Title Description Part Number Revision InCommand Operatörshandbok (21 MB) 2006395-SWE Rev I InCommand Snabbreferensguiden (6 MB) 4004700-SWE Rev I Ag Leader Integra Operatörshandbok (6 MB) 4002083-SWE Rev N Ag Leader Integra / Versa Snabbreferensguide (1 MB) 2005979-SWE Rev H Versa...
08 Mar, 2018 Views: 419
document Compatibility Mode Error
Description: When the user opens SMS and it gives the following error, “SMS- Windows Compatibility Mode Error.” Below are things to try to get rid of the message if the user has already unchecked the box in the compatibility tab that says, “Run this program in compatibility mode for.” Steps to Repair: Option 1 Right-click on the SMS icon on the desktop and go to properties. Click on the compatibility tab and check the box that says run this program in compatibility mode for. Click...
08 Mar, 2018 Views: 373
document Rogator B Series Autosteer Install Consideration
Problem - SteerCommand being installed on Rogator B series machines will have no communication. Rogator machines have factory Topcon systems previously installed. When the Topcon system is removed, a 12 pin deutsch with a loop is installed by an AGCO dealer. With out this connected, a red LED on the valve will appear and communication with the instrument panel will stop working. Even after shutting off the machines isolator switch for several minutes and restarting will not resolve. Resolution - A...
07 Mar, 2018 Views: 21
document SureDrive FAQ
SeedCommand with SureDrive electric drives is a 12 volt system, and will directly drive supported seed meters on planters up to 36 rows. Supported seed meters will include (but not limited to) finger pick-up meters and vacuum meters. Individual Row Hydraulic Down Force control can be paired with the SureDrive system, or controlled independently (maximum of 24 rows for Individual Row Down Force). ***This information is subject to change. Please refer to your local Ag Leader Dealer or contact Ag Leader...
05 Mar, 2018 Views: 3191
document Transfer Utilities Explained
The transfer utilities can be used to move items such as products, print layouts and analysis functions from one project to another. This can feature can be helpful when needing to move previously created items to other projects, cutting down on time spent replicating them. This tool cannot be used to move data but rather user created items such as legends, attributes, import templates, reports and more. This tool can be used in both Basic and Advanced versions of SMS. To create a transfer file that...
02 Mar, 2018 Views: 58
document GCU/ECU-S1 Orientation Explainer
This document will help explain the X, Y, Z orientation of the GCU and ECU-S1 steering controllers. GeoSteer GCU Orientation
01 Mar, 2018 Views: 2421
document Planter Folding
See attachments below for illustrations of different techniques used by planter manufactures for folding and transporting toolbars.
01 Mar, 2018 Views: 600