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document Troubleshooting Gauge Wheel Sensor
It's important to understand and communicate the different states a load sensor is in. These states and what to do when each is experienced, are listed below. Load Pin (gauge wheel) Readings - What do these mean? N/A The RCM did not detect a load pin at start up Possible Causes: Load pin is not connected to the RCM Poor cable connection between load pin and RCM Hardware failure in load pin, RCM I/O cable, or RCM ECU Power below 10v on the ISO implement harness What to do: It is...
23 May, 2019 Views: 647
document Guidance and Steering Firmware
Firmware and upgrade instructions for guidance and steering systems. Please read the instructions carefully before you attempt an upgrade. Jump to a section below: ECU-S1 (OnTrac3 / SteerCommand) ParaDyme GeoSteer SA Module - Wheeled EZ-Steer EZ-Guide controllers EZ-Guide 500 / EZ-Guide 250 EZ-Guide Plus EZ-Guide CBS Remote Access Firmware ECU-S1 (OnTrac3 / SteerCommand) Version Download Link Release Date Release Notes 4.6.34288 ...
22 May, 2019 Views: 45994
document Connecting a Serial, CF, SD, or Internal GPS unit to SMS Mobile PC
If you are using a serial, CF, SD, or internal GPS unit the auto detection of your GPS that SMS Mobile tries may not actually find your GPS receiver. Follow these general steps if you are using one of these types of receivers and you are having trouble connecting: Serial/CF/SD GPS receivers On your Windows Mobile device select the Start menu Select Settings and the System tab Now select the GPS icon On the Programs tab make sure that the port is set to GPD1 On the Access tab If the...
18 May, 2019 Views: 27
document Background Imagery in SMS Mobile PC
Users may want to add background imagery to provide a more visual aspect to the data being mapped. To add background imagery for a field, there must be set field boundaries within SMS Mobile PC. Go to Setup - Batch Select Download internet imagery for ALL fields to add backgrounds to your maps. Imagery will now be added to your map backgrounds. The same process can be used to clear backgrounds by selecting the Clear ALL downloaded internet imagery.
18 May, 2019 Views: 17
document Known Raven ISO Incompatibilities
Issue: When utilizing a Raven ISO Module for applying anhydrous Ag Leader cannot select NH3 or any liquid product when loading a Task Controller Configuration Reason: The Raven ISO Module applies product in lbs instead of gallons. Ag Leader cannot control a liquid product in lbs. In order to control Anhydrous with the Raven ISO Module the Controller must be set up as a Generic ISOBUS and controlling a Granular Product. (Generally users create a Fertilizer for Product Type and then Choose Other for the...
16 May, 2019 Views: 56
document BR1 Mini Mobile Internet Hotspot FAQ
This article provides information about the BR1 Mini mobile internet hotspot. This will continuously be updated. What is the BR1 Mini? BR1 Mini is a mobile internet hotspot that runs on Verizon or GSM cell networks in North America. It's used to provide internet access to any capable device, such as InCommand displays, from remote locations (where cellular signal is available). Since the BR1 Mini is a standalone cellular modem, it can be activated and left in the cab of your machine at all times for...
13 May, 2019 Views: 1912
document Precision Planting Master Overview
Precision Planting Displays: 20/20 SeedSense File Type: .dat File Path: X:/Grower/Grower_Farm_SN#/Year/Field/field_map_year_month_day_seq.dat Precision Planting calls the Grower (Client) SN# = Display serial number Seq = sequence number for the dataset for each day starting with 000 Miscellaneous Notes: Varieties/hybrids will not import Product group, Usage, Form or Crop Type to SMS. If the user is exporting the planting data for variety tracking in other displays...
13 May, 2019 Views: 1760
document AgFiniti® Apps
AgFiniti® Mobile AgFiniti® Mobile by Ag Leader® is the easiest to use decision ag support tool available for your iPad®. It puts your data at your fingertips, making it available wherever you go. HD quality mapping, detailed summaries, and the ability to query specific locations or drawn areas on your map gives you the ultimate tool to get more out of your data. View data even when there's no network connection available. Download the app from Supported only on iPad® (iOS version 10.1 or...
10 May, 2019 Views: 286
document How To: Create and Load a Multiple Channel Prescription
Overview: This document will explain how to create a multi-layered shape file with-in SMS software and then how to load it into an InSight Setup: Three Prescription Maps need to be made and then loaded into the same map tab. Follow These Steps: When using the InSight to variable rate more than one product, a multi-layered Rx is needed to be able to load more than just one prescription. A single layer Rx will not work because the same layer cannot be loaded for two...
09 May, 2019 Views: 1196
document Abilities of the Application Rate Module
When Can I Use an Application Rate Module? The Application Rate Module is used with Ag Leader’s displays to record coverage maps or to serial control another display. When recording coverage maps, the Application Rate Module produces either a coverage or an as-applied map. Examples of these are recording area where you planted certain varieties or recording area and rates of certain liquid or granular application products. Serial Control When using the Application Rate Module for serial control,...
08 May, 2019 Views: 6734
document SureForce Hydraulic Down Force with Uplift
SureForce automatically adjusts force on the planter row unit to maintain consistent depth no matter the field conditions. Bidirectional control with integrated hydraulic down force and uplift capability. Initial release date: 2018 Manuals / Feature User Guide Title Description of Documentation Part Number InCommand 1200 Operator's Manual Manual with all InCommand user guides combined into a single document. 2006395-ENG ...
08 May, 2019 Views: 3637
document Harvest International with SureDrive and SureForce
Harvest International with SureDrive/SureForce When looking to add SureDrive and/or SureForce to a Harvest International planter, some parts will be sourced from Harvest International while others will be sourced from Ag Leader. Components provided by Harvest International SureDrive mounting brackets (for Selenium meter) SureForce brackets Upper and lower brackets RCM mounting brackets If the planter is running SureDrives on Vset2 meters the RCM bracket will need to be modified...
08 May, 2019 Views: 307
document Tractor Kit Line Art Drawings
Data Logging PN#4000319 Implement Switch PN#4001694 Flow Meter Tee PN#4001695 Serial Rate Controller* PN#4001696 *Not a EDGE Function Tractor App Rate Kit PN#4100500
06 May, 2019 Views: 7807
document Mounted vs Trailed Implement Mapping
Background In the past we had modeled mounted planters (rear lift arms) as rigid mounted planters that move with the tractor icon. There ended up being some issues in the field where GPS heading variations would cause the tractor icon on the screen to move back and forth. Since the planter was rigid mounted it would move back and forth as well, which then caused issues with mapping, giving it a saw tooth look on the map. A change was made back in Insight or Integra where we started modeling most of...
02 May, 2019 Views: 90
document RCM I/O Clutch Control Functionality
When using an RCM for section control, the RCM will provide a constant ground to the 2 pin WP connection highlighted in the pictures below. The RCM will provide power to engage the clutch when the user lifts the planter, enters an autoswath area, or turns the system off with a master or section switch, and remove power when in a planting state. The three RCM I/O cables offered are listed below with the clutch connection highlighted. RCM I/O Full - PN 4004805 RCM I/O - PN 4005141 RCM I/O Seed...
02 May, 2019 Views: 78
document OmniStar Serial Number for ParaDyme and GeoSteer
When working with OmniStar to activate a new subscription on a ParaDyme or GeoSteer it is important to understand what Serial Number is needed to activate the subscription. Access the Serial Number Steering Menu > GPS tab >OmniStar > General In this picture the Serial number shows 600892. This format needs updated to match what OmniStar expects. Expected format x-00xxxxx Example: 600892 should be 6-0000892 Second Example: 687532 should be 6-0087532
30 Apr, 2019 Views: 35
document ECU-S1 NMEA out
With the release of ECU-S1 version 2.0.30256, the ECU-S1 is now capable of outputting roll corrected NMEA. So if the user is using PortB of their receiver for other purposes, or looking to have roll corrected NMEA out to another display or device, they now have a port to do that right out of the ECU-S1, whether it’s an OT3 or a SteerCommand. There is now a NMEA out button added to the ECU-S1 setup screens under the GPS tab. Note: Port A Hz rate must be set to 10Hz or lower, this can be adjusted...
30 Apr, 2019 Views: 4449
document SureForce on Kinze 4900 with ISO system is not applying down force or reading gauge wheel load on specific rows
SureForce is not applying down force or reading gauge wheel load on specific rows when Kinze 4900 ISO system is connected to and using the same BUS. Scenario: InCommand display running SureFore down force system 24 row Kinze 4900 planter ISO connected on same BUS as SureForce Rows 15-24 are not reading gauge wheel load and there is no down force being applied (pictured below): Solution: Create a configuration WITHOUT using load and go. When creating the configuration, user...
30 Apr, 2019 Views: 55
document What does the Save Patterns Automatically check box do?
Why do we have this option? "Save patterns automatically" checkbox is for the user that wants to save or reuse guidance lines, default setting is checked = enabled. Prior to this check box option, all guidance patterns (other than SmartPath) would automatically save to the display. For the user that doesn't want to save or reuse guidance lines "Save patterns automatically" checkbox needs to be unchecked = disabled How does it work? Default setting - When "Save patterns automatically" is checked,...
30 Apr, 2019 Views: 274
document Module Firmware
Ag Leader CAN-based module updates are included with our display firmware files. To update the majority of your Ag Leader modules you simply need to update your display and the next time your display detects the module it will update the firmware. Included below is the firmware for Ag Leader ISOBUS modules and non-Ag Leader CAN modules. Ag Leader CAN Modules Name Version Download Link Release Date Release Notes Additional Info Water Management Module 1.6 ...
29 Apr, 2019 Views: 17119
document How to Leave a Callback
The automated callback feature allows each customer to maintain current queue position, ensuring all calls are handled in the order they were received, without remaining on hold for the next available Technical Support Representative. The callback option will be available Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm Central Time for Dealer Support (8am to 5pm for Software Support). Callback requests that are not completed the same day they are submitted will remain in our phone system for 72 hours and be...
26 Apr, 2019 Views: 480
document Liquid Application CAN A / OptRx Crop Sensor / NORAC Boom Height
The DirectCommand™ liquid control module brings technologically advanced features such as flow based product control on up to 10 sections, exclusively on Ag Leader displays. The instructions on this page refer to liquid product application, crop sensing, and boom height control. Manuals / Feature User Guides Compatible Displays Description of Documentation InCommand 1200 See the Operator's Manual or Crop Care Feature User Guides. ...
26 Apr, 2019 Views: 9701
document AgFiniti DisplayCast and Data Usage Explained
AgFiniti and Data Usage When using AgFiniti and especially with DisplayCast, there are few things to consider when determining how much data will be used and what type of data plan will be needed. How does data move around and when in AgFiniti and DisplayCast? AgFiniti and DisplayCast sync types Sync Type When (with DisplayCast set to ON) What Notes Initial Sync On initial AgFiniti login or after cloud is cleared Management items...
25 Apr, 2019 Views: 530
document My jumpstart switch isn't working
My jumpstart switch isn’t working Check the minimum ground speed, the default should be 2mph. Check under CAN A diagnostics that the switch is communicating with the display. Check in the Auxiliary Input diagnostics under the Hydraulic Drives column whether there’s unusual number in External 3. (Example below) If so, click the Reset All button and reassign the switches to resolve the issue.
24 Apr, 2019 Views: 138
document AutoSteer System Hardware Compatibility
Table below shows AutoSteer system compatibility with different hardware. SteerCommand ParaDyme GeoSteer OnTrac3 OnTrac2+ OnTrac2 Compact/Hydac Valve X X X MDU-G4 X X X MDU2/3 X X X X ECU-S1 X¹ X ECU4 X X ECU2 X X GCU X SA Module X X* SAM2 (Vehicle Interface Module) X* *Deere AutoTrac...
24 Apr, 2019 Views: 2263