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Trending Support Topics - June 24

24 Jun, 2019

Operational Troubleshooting - the good, the bad and the resourceful.

Customers calling you to explain how their AutoSwathâ„¢ is shutting off boom sections too soon, or possibly seeing error messages at the top of their display? Don't miss your chance to help customers solve their in-field application problems by checking out this week's top trends.

Heads Up

Reminder that in SIX days, AT&T will stop activating new 3G devices as they prepare to shut down their 3G networks. Inactive devices must be activated prior to June 30, 2019. Active devices will remain active until the complete shutdown in February 2022. To learn more about Ag Leader’s NTRIP options, check out this article.

This Week's Top 5

1. Need help testing a Control Valve?

2. My booms are turning off too soon or too late - help!

3. Why is my display showing tank empty?

4. Have a "rate not responding" headache?

  • Learn how to identify if the problem is a controller setting or a hardware problem in this article.

5. Rate applied values all over the place?

  • We've got a checklist to get your customer's application rate back under control.