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Trending Support Topics - June 17

17 Jun, 2019

Summer is here this week, ready or not!

In much of the country the planting season has been prolonged due to excess moisture. As applicators are heading to the field, the Customer Support team wants to make sure they are ready to go and applying product accurately to prevent any further costly down time. This week we're going back to basics and focusing on DirectCommand® ISOBUS Liquid Setup.

This Week's Top 5

1. Configure a system & setup a profile

2. Controlling product with a flow meter?

  • Keep your customers rolling with this video on entering the manual cal number and calibrating with the nozzle catch test.
  • Did you know that when wind speed doubles there is a 700% increase in drift? Learn about factors that affect spray drift.
  • Accurate setup for pressure based control and droplet size monitoring is CRUCIAL! Let our nozzle setup and pressure sensor cal tutorials be your guide.

3. Assigning switches?

4. Load N' Get Going

  • Learn how to setup a display configuration using the ISOBUS Load N' Go feature in your customer's InCommand™ display.

5. What button do I push again?

Share this video with your customers before they head to the field to get their application season started off right by reminding them about all the tools on the Mapping screen and UT run screen.

Want even more?

Go back to basics and learn What is Pressure Based control with ISO Liquid and how does it work?