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Trending Support Topics - May 13

13 May, 2019

For all of you working to fit more than 24 hours into the day, keep up the good work, your dedication to our farmer's success doesn't go unnoticed. Shave some time off your next support call with this weeks trending topics.

This Week's Top 5

1. DisplayCast® Best Practices

Review initial DisplayCast setup steps to get new customers started on the right foot. If your customer used DisplayCast last season, this checklist for good data management can improve their experience this season. And some extra advice for multiple planters using DisplayCast in the same field.

2. Data Usage Explained

With greater connectivity comes greater data usage. Help your AgFiniti and DisplayCast customers make sense of the numbers on their monthly bill.

3. Rain keeping you out of the field? Check out your data!

Get a jump start on checking you data in SMS Software. Create multi-channel prescriptions or obstacles for internal boundaries and troubleshooting advice for John Deere Gen4 customers.

4. Generator Start-Up and Operation

Prevent generator issues with these start-up and shut down suggestions.

5. TerraStar Satellite Frequency Adjustments (Last Reminder)

We're hearing about this issue less and less now, but in case you missed it in previous weeks, help our your GPS 6500 customers on TerraStar. (Dealer-Only)

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