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Trending Support Topics - May 6

06 May, 2019

Feel like this spring is a high-stakes game of this beloved childhood game? Whether your customers are asking their suppliers for more nitrogen, Mother Nature for the the perfect soil moisture, or a higher power for more hours in the day, some of us are not catching much.

This Week's Top 5

1. SureDrive® Electric Drives & Generator Best Practices

Check out these articles on start-up and shut down suggestions (Dealer-Only), basic alternator operation, and how to properly connect generator hoses.

2. TerraStar Satellite Frequency Adjustments (Again)

You're tired of seeing this in our top 5, but this remains one of the hottest trending items in support! Don't leave your GPS 6500 customers sitting in the field, check out this article today (Dealer-Only).

3. Gauge Wheel Load Troubleshooting 101

Another repeat offender on our top 5 list this week are gauge wheel sensor questions. Review these two articles on troubleshooting gauge wheel load sensors to keep frustrations at a minimum.

4. Wish you could find all schematics & pin-outs in 1 place?

WE DO THAT! Bookmark this page today! (Dealer-Only) Can't find what you're after? Shoot us an email at and we'll point you in the right direction.

5. The Down Low on ISOBUS Features

We have a few ISOBUS settings that should be toggled on/off depending on the customer's specific needs. Read up on these ISO features to understand when they should be used: Section/Rate Compatibility, ECU Section Delays, ECU Section Look Aheads, InCommand® Display User Guide.

Runner-Up Articles