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Trending Support Topics - April 22

22 Apr, 2019

Mother Nature seems intent on many locations having more May flowers than normal with all of the precipitation she's sending! Keep your customers running with this splash of advice from Support:

This Week's Top 5

1. GPS Week Rollover & Error 81 Messages

As you all know, the GPS week rollover required everyone to update steering controller software. We are seeing an uptick in users reporting "Error 81" messages, primarily due to their field display firmware being out of date. Help your SteerCommand® and OnTrac3™ customers avoid unnecessary downtime by checking their display firmware version.

2. DisplayCast® Spring Cleaning

As more displays get turned on, we are hearing more questions about DisplayCast. Remember to clear out old and unused data from your customer's displays to ensure a great experience.

3. SureForce® Installation Tips & Tricks

Be sure to take advantage of the advanced diagnostic tools in the InCommand® display to get your customers rolling as you finish up spring installs. Remember, even without a generator installed, SureForce still needs to see battery voltage on the PCM I/O generator connection to provide power to the master valve.

4. Building New Task Controller Configurations

We are seeing a lot of new ISO implements paired with Ag Leader displays this spring. Your InCommand users will be thanking you as they reap the benefits of the Load And Go feature in their displays. For our Ag Leader Integra® and Versa™ customers, this process can prove more challenging - be sure to check out the helpful how-to guide here.

5. Back to Basics of Liquid & Granular Application

As some fields dry up enough to get applicators running, our DirectCommand® calls have increased. Spend some time brushing up your granular, control valve and flow meter troubleshooting skills with these articles.

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