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Trending Support Topics - April 15

15 Apr, 2019

Welcome to the first installment of this new Ag Leader Customer Support resource. We aim to share with you the trends and common questions we are hearing this spring, as well as the resources we have available to help answer these questions – and in some cases even prevent the problem before it happens! 

This Week's Top 5

1. GPS Week Rollover

GPS week rollover happened last weekend and required firmware updates to SteerCommand™, OnTrac3™ assisted steering, ParaDyme® and GeoSteer® automated steering systems as well as EZ-Guide® 250 and 500 systems. Have customers that didn’t update before the rollover?

2. GPS 6500 not receiving TerraStar Subscriptions

TerraStar satellite frequency updates were completed Fall 2018. Any GPS 6500 that has never used TerraStar or did not use TerraStar as their differential source last fall, will be affected by this. Before activating a subscription, follow these steps (Dealer-Only) to ensure your customers’ receivers are ready to receive the new subscription.

3. GPS 7500 Base Station Setup

We’ve had a few reports that when setting up a new GPS 7500 base station, customers have been unable to see the ‘Radio’ tab on the Web UI. (Dealer-Only) Bookmark this linked article before heading to the field in case you encounter this issue.

4. Troubleshooting Your First SteerCommand® with DualTrac™ Installation

2019 marks the first full season our customers will be using this top of the line steering system. As we learn more from our Dealers who have completed installs, we’re learning just how valuable the diagnostics features are.

5. SureForce™ Hydraulic Bleed and Hydraulic Check Routine

A last step in SureForce installations is to test using the new hydraulic bleed and check functionality. Here is what to look at if things don’t go right the first time.

Runner-Up Articles