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Q: Why will my control valve not open?

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Last updated: 07 Feb, 2019
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Question:  Why will my control valve not open?

Answer: This will occur when a control valve gets stuck, a cable has been damaged, a connection is unseated, the 30 amp fuse has blown, channel on/off is unassigned or a module has failed. 

To check where the issue lies, get a voltmeter and put the display into “Rate Not Responding”

Requirements for Rate Not Responding are:

  • manual ground speed in the display
  • run screen loaded with active product
  • master and boom section switches on
  • implement jumper in the Auxiliary port of the liquid product control module
  • turn AutoSwath off

First, unplug the cable to the control valve and there should be 12 volts present here if Valve Response 1 setting is 100%. If you do have voltage here, there is likely an issue with the valve.

If you do not have voltage to the control valve, go to the liquid control module and unplug the Channel 1 port to access pins 2 and 7. If you see a signal here, you likely have an issue with the control cable.

If you do not have voltage at the liquid control module, unplug the high current connection into the module and check for 12 to 14 volts into the liquid control module at the 2 pin duetsch connector. If you have 12 to 14 volts here the issue may lie with the module.

If you do not have high power into the module, work forward to the battery and ensure a clean, tight terminal connection and check fuses off the battery cable, specifically the 30 amp fuse. 

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