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Controller Setting vs Hardware Failure

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Last updated: 24 Jun, 2019
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This document explains how to identify if a controller setting or hardware failure is the cause of your machine not applying, or receiving the Rate Not Responding message.

How To

The first thing you want to do is select Manual Valve Control for the rate. This is shown in the Figure below. When this is selected the target rate will display "OFF."

Once you place the rate in Manual Valve Control, the monitor is ignoring all controller settings, except for the Control Valve Type. Therefore, you can use the up and down arrows to manually increase and decrease the rate. If the valve responds correctly and it holds a rate, but DOES NOT hold rate on Rate 1 or 2, this would point to a Controller Setting issue. Please refer to your Feature User Guide or this article Erratic Actual Rate / Can't Hold Target Rate, for instructions on adjusting Controller Settings.

If you can not manually increase and decrease rate (or see/hear the valve open/close) in manual valve control, you may have a hardware issue. See the article "How to Test a Control Valve" to troubleshoot the hardware.

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