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Q: How do I get my field data from my display to my computer?

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Last updated: 08 May, 2017
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Question: How do I get my field data from my display to my computer?

Answer: If using a PF or YM type display then simply power down the monitor and take the card to your computer.

If using InCommand 1200 and 800 displays, touch the satellite icon, select Data Transfer, then Export Data.

On an Ag Leader® Integra and Versa display, you need to touch the USB icon and select Export Data.

On an InSight display you need to go to the Home screen and press 'Copy to Card'.

With the EDGE display, when you insert the data card, it will prompt you for Copy Data or Upgrade, select Copy Data.

Additionally, if using an Ag Leader® Integra, Versa, InSight, or Edge, you can toggle the display to copy log files automatically upon every shutdown. Contact your dealer for instruction on how to do this.

Then the log file(s) will be on the external storage device, ready to read in to your desktop software program such as SMS. 

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