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Known Raven ISO Incompatibilities

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Last updated: 16 May, 2019
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Issue: When utilizing a Raven ISO Module for applying anhydrous Ag Leader cannot select NH3 or any liquid product when loading a Task Controller Configuration

Reason: The Raven ISO Module applies product in lbs instead of gallons.  Ag Leader cannot control a liquid product in lbs.  In order to control Anhydrous with the Raven ISO Module the Controller must be set up as a Generic ISOBUS and controlling a Granular Product.  (Generally users create a Fertilizer for Product Type and then Choose Other for the Fertilizer Name and Control in lbs)  When doing this it is important to make sure the user has the flow meter and prescription are set properly to prevent misapplication.  If the customer is applying in lbs of N then the lbs of N from the flow meter tag needs to be entered into the Raven ISO Flow Meter Calibration Number.  If using prescriptions the prescription must also be written in lbs of N.

Issue: When utilizing a Raven ISO Module for applying anhydrous Ag Leader cannot load a Task Controller Configuration with Raven Sidekick Injection

Reason: The Raven ISO Module must be setup as a Granular Controller and apply a Granular Product.  The Raven Sidekick Injection cannot be loaded when the main carrier product is set to a Granular Product. 

Issue: Raven Sidekick Injection will not work correctly with Ag Leader ISO Ready Sprayer kits that utilize Raven ISO Module.

Reason: The Ag Leader display can build and load a configuration with the Raven Sidekick Injection.  However, the mapping and AutoSwath will not work correctly which results in misapplication of products.

Content last reviewed on: 5/16/19
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