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Mounted vs Trailed Implement Mapping

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Last updated: 02 May, 2019
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In the past we had modeled mounted planters (rear lift arms) as rigid mounted planters that move with the tractor icon. There ended up being some issues in the field where GPS heading variations would cause the tractor icon on the screen to move back and forth. Since the planter was rigid mounted it would move back and forth as well, which then caused issues with mapping, giving it a saw tooth look on the map.

A change was made back in Insight or Integra where we started modeling most of these planters as a trailed implement. The reason for this was that it helped take that saw tooth look out of the map allowing the planter to pivot slightly and track straight. Testing at the time showed that when making a turn this slight pivot still allowed the planter to turn on and line up where it needed to on the ground when making a turn.

How it works today

Today mounted planters are always modeled like this UNLESS the hitch to application point measurement is less than 1 meter. When this distance is less than 1 meter we model the implement as mounted. Users seeing this that are not satisfied with how it is working are able to get their planter to model as mounted by adjusting their hitch to application point measurement to less than 1 meter (3.28 ft). To do this they would need to lengthen their rear axle to rear lift arms measurement, and shorten their hitch to application point measurement.  The other important part here is still having the total distance from GPS to application point to be the same so that AutoSwath look-aheads and mapping work correctly.  

Keep in mind that if done this way and have a GPS receiver where the heading moved, you could see the saw toothing in the map. GPS 6500/7500 may handle this better than receivers in the past or having steering could make this more stable.

Below are pictures to illustrate this.  

Key take aways:

  • We model planters as mounted when hitch to application point is less than 1 meter (3.28ft)
  • GPS heading or compass variations could cause issues if mounted.
  • Lengthen rear axle to rear lift arms measurement. Shorten hitch to application point measurement.
  • This functionality only happens for planters, application is either mounted or trailed.

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