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AgFiniti® Mobile Features

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Last updated: 16 Apr, 2019
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Map View

View maps from all fields and operations synced to AgFiniti® Mobile. You can customize individual legends and stats to view the data in the format you want. Use Map View to query data in areas of interest, add notes (with pictures) to areas of your field as you scout, and track your location.

Live Maps / Live Stats *(Requires DisplayCast)

View live real-time maps of what your displays are currently mapping with Live Maps. This allows you to view your logged data before exporting your AGDATA files from your display.

Live Stats indicators are present with the device location on the InCommand® display and AgFiniti®. Their indicators show the 2 main attributes, speed and operation for any device logged into AgFiniti®.

Wireless Data Sync / Storage

Sync data wirelessly to AgFiniti® Mobile from your InCommad® display using access point mode. (Does not require network connection or Essentials License)

You can also sync your mapped data from the AgFiniti® Cloud. All data sync from a display or the cloud is stored locally on the app and can be view even without network access.

Reports and Printing

Provide quick and easy access to data summaries for data present in AgFiniti® Cloud. After creating these reports you can print them to PDF to view at a later date. Also quickly and easily print currently mapped data to PDF.

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