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DualTrac Troubleshooting

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Last updated: 13 Apr, 2019
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With the release of SteerCommand with DualTrac we will have some new diagnostic features in the SteerCommand menu, as well as some other screens on the InCommand display. Verify users are on current firmware for the InCommand, GPS 7500, and SteerCommand ECU-S1 before continuing.  Firmware can be found by going to the Software and Firmware section in the Knowledgebase.  

  1. Verify DualTrac is enabled for the active vehicle. To do this you can enter the SteerCommand menu and select Manage Vehicles. The first setup screen asks 'Do you want to use DualTrac with this Vehicle?' (see image below) Select 'Yes'.
  •  With DualTrac enabled, the Antenna Lateral offset is automatically set to 0.6858 meter or 27 inch. Do not adjust this offset before calibration, this distance reflects the distance from the Master antenna to the center of the roof.
  • After completing calibration, a Track on Track test needs to be performed and Antenna Lateral offset can be adjusted if needed.
  1.    b. 

         2.  Under System>System Health>GPS you should see DualTrac Orientation and a DualTrac in an operational state. They will both have a green checkmark under the status.

    1. If these are showing as a red 'X' or bad follow the steps below:

      1.       Plug Rover into Master position

      2.       Reset to defaults on the rover in the 7500 menu

      3.       Put Rover back in correct position and Master in Master position

      4.       With Master in Master Position do a Reset to Defaults in the 7500 menu

      5.       Cycle power

  1. If DualTrac is enabled we can verify that it is seeing the “Heading A” message by going to the GPS tab>GPS Diagnostics>NMEA Status. On this window under External GPS Status there should be a HEADINGA line.

Also details on DualTrac are show at GPS tab>GPS Diagnostics>DualTrac Details, similar to the windows below..

​                           NMEA status                                                                                                                DualTrac Details​

       a.   b. 

  1. From the home screen or the run screen you can click the satellite icon>GNSS>View Messages. In the box below where the messages scroll through we should see a “HEADING2A” message, see the screenshot below.

5. From the home screen or the run screen you can click the satellite icon>GNSS>Receiver, Only the Product Serial Number and Internal Serial Number from the Master receiver is shown.


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