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Productivity Based Planting Prescriptions

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Last updated: 12 Mar, 2019
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This equation uses a combination of the NCCPI (National Commodity Crop Productivity Index), yield data, and yield goals for the field. This allows you to use real data for identifying the areas of your fields that are most productive compared to less productive areas. The equation will take the average yield for the field, and NCCPI values for each soil type to create a yield goal for areas of the field. These yield goals will then be grouped into unique management zones.  

To assign these management zones you'll need to identifying 2 yield values that split the field into three zones: Low, Medium and High.  For example, if you want the field to be split from 0-180, 180-205, and 205+  You would enter 180 for the Low Management Zone, and 205 for the High Management Zone. 

After defining the zone breaks, you can then define the planting rates for each of the Low, Medium and High Management zones. 

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