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SureForce on Early Case IH 1200 Row Units

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Last updated: 11 Jan, 2019
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Early model Case IH 1200 series row units have a different style depth adjustment than newer models. If SureForce is being installed on one of these early row units, the depth adjustment needs to be retrofitted with the modern style before the Ag Leader gauge wheel load sensor can be successfully installed.

Figure 1 - The gauge wheel load sensor installed Figure 2 - The original handle does not fit

With the gauge wheel load sensor installed, the adjustment knob will not fully seat on the shaft. To properly install the gauge wheel load sensor, the new style depth adjustment needs to be sourced through Case IH. The Case IH part number is B96640. The row unit does not need to be modified to mount the new kit.

Figure 3 - The Case IH label for the required kit

Figure 4 - The gauge wheel load sensor and the new adjustment successfully installed.

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