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SMS To AgFiniti Mapview

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Last updated: 09 Jan, 2019
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This article will walk through exporting data out of SMS to be viewed on AgFiniti Mapview. As-applied data or harvest data can be exported using this method. (If you want to export a device setup for a display, see our article Device Setup via AgFiniti).  SMS and AgFiniti make it seamless to move your data from one program to the other. This can be useful if you want to take your mobile device to a landlord or trusted advisor to show them data, or if you want to view and analyze your data on the go.

  1. To start the transfer process of data from SMS to AgFiniti, click the Device Setup button.

  1. Next click the Add New button in the Device Setup Utility Window.

  1. In the next window you will need to complete three tasks.
    1. Enter a name for your configuration in the Setup Info tab.
    2.  Select which Growers, Farms or Fields that you want to export data for in the Fields Setup tab. Click on the Grower, Farm, or Field and click the Add button to add to your configuration.

  1.  Lastly, you will go to the Spatial Data Records tab and add over the Operations you wish to export. Click OK.

  1. Back in the Device Setup Utility you will see your new setup configuration. Click on your new configuration and click Export to Agfiniti.

  1. In the next window, select Ag Leader Technology as the company. Since we are exporting this to be viewed in AgFiniti, we will select AgFiniti Map View Data as the format. Using the Select Target Account(s) drop down, choose if you want to export this data to your own AgFiniti account or someone else’s account. (Note: if you are not exporting to “My Account” both you and the person you are exporting the data to must have an AgFiniti Essentials license). click Export to AgFiniti 

  1. Your data can now be found in AgFiniti. You can find it by clicking  Manage, then click Resources, and then click the Mappable Data tab.

Content last reviewed on: 1/9/2019
Reviewed by: GJR