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Exporting Device Setup via AgFiniti

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Last updated: 09 Jan, 2019
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AgFiniti has many useful features; one of those is the ability to transfer device setup files wirelessly from your SMS to your InCommand or Integra display. This article will walk you through setting up and transferring a device setup wirelessly through AgFiniti.

  1. Create a device setup in your SMS. For a tutorial on creating a device setup check out Exporting Monitor Setup Information on our Youtube channel. 
  2. Click on the Device Setup button and click the setup configuration that you want to export Click Export to AgFiniti.

  1. Next you will need to choose the display you are exporting to and the correct format. (In this case, we are exporting to an InCommand display on firmware version 4.0) then click Export to AgFiniti. Once this step is successfully complete, import the setup file on the display.

  1. Your display will need to be connected to the internet in order to log in to AgFiniti. If your display has an internet connection, press the AgFiniti/Devices/Satellite in the top right of your screen. (note: if you are on an Integra you will press the USB icon).

  1.  Press the Import Setup button.

  1. Select the AgFiniti tab, here you will find the setup file that you exported from SMS. Click on the Setup File and then click the right blue arrow.

  1.  Select the data from the setup configuration that you want to import into the display. By default, everything in the file will be checked to be imported. Once the items you want to import are selected press the right Blue Arrow.

  1. Next you will review the data that is going to be imported. If everything looks correct press the green checkmark. Once this is done your setup file will be imported in to your display. If there is something missing you can press the left Blue Arrow and return the select data to import window.

(note: if you have a conflict, press the name of the item the conflict symbol is on and either merge the item with the already existing item or change the name of the conflicting item.)

  1. You will receive an import window that will tell you that the setup file was successfully imported into your display.

Content last reviewed on: 1/9/2019
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