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Transferring Data

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Last updated: 07 Jan, 2019
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The sharing data function of Agfiniti can be used to share all of your data with a trusted advisor or farm manager. You can also send specific field data to landlords or agronomists. You can decide what different individuals are able to access. For example: If you have a farm manager that helps you make decisions across your whole operation, you may allow them unrestricted access to your Agfiniti account. If a cooperative is going to write you a prescription for a certain field, you can send them data for that field only. This helps you protect your data by being able to choose the level of access individuals have. With a few easy button presses, you can share information to the people who need it.

Sharing with a Trusted Advisor or Servicing Dealer

  1. In order for data to be shared with a trusted advisor the ADVISOR/SERVICING DEALER must request the account sharing from the GROWER.
  2. The trusted advisor can go to their Agfiniti account and click on the Manage button, then click Account Configuration, then make sure you click on the on the Sharing tab.
  3. Click the Request Account Share                 

      4. Type in the email address for the Grower whose account you are requesting the share from. Select the Account File Sharing, then choose the length you are requesting to have access to the Growers account.

      5. Click Save to send the request.

Sharing specific data with landlord/agronomist

  1. Click on Tools, then click File Transfer.
  2. Click the My Files tab
  3. Click on the data that you would like to share

  1. You now have the option to either Share File(s) or Move File(s). (For further clarification on which one you should use please see Moving VS Sharing Data) By sharing data this way you share only the pertinent information with an individual; they will not have access to all of your data.

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