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Managing Project Size in SMS

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Last updated: 07 Jan, 2019
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Issue: Project size is very large and program is running slower than normal.

Resolution: Stored copies of generic files may cause project size to be large. When importing generic files (shape, images, etc) by default SMS makes a copy of all files that it imports, but the generic one’s are optional. While these are typically small files, the shape files that are county wide can be around 500MB+ per file. To clear these files up, go to Services—Vault Utility. Anything selected on this page when you hit OK will delete the original file copy, it does not remove the data from the Management Tree. (Must be done on a project by project basis)

To make it so SMS no longer makes a copy of generic files, go to Tools—General Options and uncheck Make a Backup Copy of Imported Files in Vault. This change will affect generic files in every project.

Content last reviewed on: 1/7/19
Reviewed by: KMN