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Editing Existing Prescriptions in SMS

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Last updated: 07 Jan, 2019
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This article will walk you through the process of editing an existing prescription. If you already have a prescription created and would like to edit or tweak some of the value there are just a few easy steps and you can further customize your prescription to your own desires.

(note: This process will ONLY work on basic prescription maps. This process will NOT work on prescriptions created with an equation.)

  1. Locate the prescription in your management tree.
  2. Create New Map of the prescription
  3. Click the Edit Layer button in the toolbar above the map. (If this button is grayed out you will need to double check that you are in a Base Map). This will take you to the prescription editor.
  4. One the left hand side of your screen under Action Tools you can select the method in which you would like to assign rates.

  1. Paint Ratethis will allow you to paint individual cells. (if your paint brush is grayed out you may need to convert prescription and enter grid sizes. See figure below)
  1. Erase – this will allow you to erase rates. (e.i. make areas a zero rate)
  2. Assign rate – this will allow you to assign a rate to an entire polygon.

  1. Once a method of assigning rates is chosen you will then select a rate that you want to apply from the Select Rate window.
  2. As a note all of the tools mentioned have a variable size to help you be as accurate as possible. The different sizes can be selected in the bottom left of your screen.

Content last reviewed on: 1/4/2019
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