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Modifying/Editing Prescription Results

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Last updated: 08 Jan, 2019
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  1. After you have created a prescription in Agfiniti, you can click on the Manage button at the top of your Agfiniti and click Resources. To find your prescription you will click the Mappable Data button; you can use the drop down box below the Mappable Data button to narrow your search down by operation. Now we can check the box for our prescription operation

  1.  After selecting the prescription you need to click either Export AgSetup or Export Shapefiles depending on your situation. Since we will be editing the RX in SMS we will export as an AgSetup file. If you are exporting to a third party software you will want to choose the Export Shapefiles option.

  1. After clicking export the prescription will appear in the File Transfer window. You can get here by clicking Tools then File Transfer. Once the prescription is in the File Transfer location it will be available to retrieve from SMS.

      4. In SMS you will click Read Files then choose Automatically Download New Files. This will bring in to SMS any new data (If you are wanting to import only certain files you can choose the Manually Select Files to Download option). Then click Start Downloading Files from Agfiniti.

      5.In the window that pops up will be all of the available growers within your Agfiniti. Select the growers that have data that you wish to import and click Add, they will then appear in the Selected Growers in Agfiniti window. When all of the growers you desire are added click Start Download. SMS will then download any new data for the selected growers.

  1. Now you can find your prescription in your management tree. From here you can edit your prescription to better fit what you need. For further details on editing a prescription in SMS see Editing Existing Prescriptions in SMS

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