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Setting Up a Servicing Dealer

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Last updated: 23 Apr, 2019
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The following will outline steps to assigning a Servicing Dealer for the Dealer and End User

Dealer Process to Assigning a Servicing Dealer

  1. In order to set up a Servicing Dealer for your Agfiniti account the dealer must request the account share from the grower.
  2. In Agfiniti click the Manage button at the top of the window and click Account Configuration
  3. Within the Account Configuration window click the Sharing button.
  4. Click the Request Account Share button

  1. In the next window you will have to
    1. Enter the email linked to the customer’s Agfiniti account.
    2. Select Servicing Dealer
    3. Choose the level of access requested and the length of time you want to have access
    4. Click Save

  1.  The customer will then need to go and grant you access to their AgFiniti account.

End User Process to Accepting a Servicing Dealer Request

  1. Your Dealer will need to Request Access to your AgFiniti account first
  2. Once access has been requested, go to ManageAccount ConfigurationSharing
    • Accepting the Sharing Relationship​

Adding a Servicing Dealer when Purchasing Fields

  1. When purchasing a field, you will be able to select your Servicing Dealer in the Check Out window

    If showing None in the box, as shown above, then the sharing relationship has not been established yet.

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