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GPS 7500 and DualTrac FAQ

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Last updated: 05 Apr, 2019
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SteerCommand with DualTrac 

What Displays are compatible with DualTrac? 

  • An InCommand 1200/800 only on version 4.0+ is required for DualTrac. 

What Unlocks are required? 

  • The Master receiver will require an RTK unlock, the Rover receiver will require an Align unlock, and the SteerCommand will require a DualTrac unlock 

Can the Rover antenna be unlocked for a different correction source?

  • No, a GPS 7500 that has an Align unlock cannot be unlocked for TerraStar or RTK.

Can I use an OnTrac3 with DualTrac? 

  • DualTrac is a SteerCommand only feature and cannot be used with an ECU-S1 for OnTrac3. But the MDU-G4 can be used with a SteerCommand ECU, in combination with the DualTrac. 

What is the minimum auto steer speed? 

  • DualTrac with SteerCommand can steer at speeds as low as .05 MPH (80 m/h). When an MDU-G4 is connected to the Steer Command ECU-S1 the lowest AutoSteer speed is 1.0 MPH 

Can I use the same roof rail as the ParaDyme? 

  • Yes. The ParaDyme roof rail is compatible with DualTrac. There is a DualTrac Bracket that is availible (PN:4005800) for most vehicles.

GPS 7500

Which displays are compatible with GPS 7500?  

  • InCommand 1200/800, Ag Leader Integra/Versa/Compass are compatible with GPS 7500 

When will the display firmware to support GPS 7500 become available? 

  • InCommand (v4.0) mid-November, Ag Leader Integra/Versa/Compass (v.7.5) late November 

When will GPS 7500/DualTrac ship?

  • Early December 2018 

What signals are compatible with the GPS 7500? 

  • GLIDE, WAAS/EGNOS, TerraStar-L, TerraStar-C Pro, and RTK. 

What is TerraStar-C Pro? 

  • TerraStar-C Pro is a subscription based correction service available for the GPS 7500. 

Can TerraStar-C Pro be used with the 6500?

  • Terrastar-C Pro is for 7500 only. TerraStar-C will still be available for the 6500.

What are the options for RTK? 

  • 400 MHz Satel, 900MHZ Satel with Freewave compatibility, NTRIP via InCommand. 

Will my Legacy Base Station (A5, 2500B, GPS 6500) work with the GPS 7500? 

  • Yes, as long as the radios are the same (900 Freewave/400MHz Satel) a legacy base station will work with the GPS 7500 as well as vice versa the GPS 7500 can broadcast corrections to a legacy rover.
    The 400 MHz Relay can only use the Satel3AS protocol to receive corrections, with FEC set to on.

Can I use the 6500 relay with a GPS 7500? 

  • No. The GPS 7500 requires a different relay 

Can I use the 7500 Relay with the GPS 6500? 

  • No. The GPS 6500 cannot use the 7500 Relay for RTK corrections. 

Is there a difference in GPS 7500 Base Station & Rover Hardware? 

  • Yes. The radio for base station scenarios is Transmit only. The Relay7 for rover scenarios is Receive only.

    Note: For Base Station scenarios a base station unlock (includes RTK and Web UI) is required to configure the radio. For 400 MHz applications a PIN will need to be generated to enter or change the frequency

Are the connections the same between 6500/7500? 

  • Yes. The GPS cable for the GPS 6500 is compatible with the GPS 7500 

Does the 7500 require a different mounting plate? 

  • No, a 6500 mounting plate can be used. But the 7500 ships with a specific bracket.

    Note: A GPS 7500 with Relay7 will not fit a GPS 6500 mounting plate. 

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