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Transferring Files from one Project to Another

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Last updated: 05 Feb, 2019
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To transfer files from one SMS project to another, the files need to be exported as Shape Files.

Basic Users:

  1. Right click on the Operation within the Management Tree you would like to export
  2. Select Export. Export to Generic File Format. Select Shape Files.
  3. Save Export to a folder that is easily accessible on your computer
  4. Open the project you wish to move data to
  5. Go to Read Files. Read Files from Generic Source. Select Shape Files
  6. Select the Shape file you wish to import and click OK
  7. A preview of the shape file will appear. Click Next.
  8. Change Import Data Type to the appropriate Operation. Click Next.
  9. Assign Columns to Import. For more information on how to assign columns for shape files, follow this link: 
  10. Save Template if this is a new operation or Load Template if you are using an existing template for this operation. Note: If you are seeing columns not lining up correctly after using an older template, create a new template.

Advanced Users:

  1. Go to Batch Command
  2. Select Export. Click OK
  3. Select Data Filters for what you would like to export. Note: The Batch Export can only export one Operation type at a time.
  4. Click Next. Verify the correct information from the tree is selected to export. Click Finish.
  5. Export to Generic File Format
  6. Select Shape Files. Export. Save files to computer.
  7. Open the project you wish to move data to.
  8. Go to Batch Command. Import Files. Click OK.
  9. Set Import File Format to Shape Files
  10. Click Add to add the shape files
  11. Check box ‘Use Template’ if you have already created a template for this Operation. Click OK.
  12. If no template exists, follow steps 7-10 from the Basic Users instructions.

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