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SureForce FAQ

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Last updated: 30 Oct, 2018
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SureForce FAQ

Which displays will be compatible with SureForce?

SureForce is only compatible with the InCommand 1200 display.

What modules are used with SureForce system?

A single Planter Control Module 2 (PCM2) per planter and a Row Control Module (RCM) per planter row. The PCM for SureForce is a different module than Row by Row downforce systems.

How are the hoses and valve blocks laid out on the planter?

There is a Main Control Valve connecting to an individual valve on each row. Each individual valve block connects to a single SureForce actuator.

How many planter rows are supported?

SureForce supports configurations from 1 to 36 rows.

Why is  SureForce limited to 36 rows?

SureForce is required to be ran on an InCommand 1200 monitor. The InCommand 1200 is limited to 36 rows.

What are the hydraulic requirements for SureForce

0.25 – 0.5 GPM/row

It is NOT recommended to tie into the supply/return hoses on any bulk fill or vacuum fan hydraulic source. It is NOT recommended to use power beyond as the hydraulic supply. The tank hose can tie into fan case drain lines if larger than -6. If hoses are smaller than -6 than it is recommended to tee in closer to the tractor ports.

How many pounds of force can SureForce supply?

SureForce offers up to 250 lbs of uplift and 650 lbs of down force.

What are the associated targets for gauge wheel load?

a. Minimum- 50 lbs target gauge wheel load

b. Light- 75 lbs target gauge wheel load

c. Medium- 100 lbs target gauge wheel load

d. Heavy- 150 lbs target gauge wheel load

e. Maximum- 200 lbs target gauge wheel load

Which CAN A or "SeedCommand Generation 1" modules are NOT compatible with the Planter Control Module 2 (PCM2) and Row Control Module (RCM) setup? 

This will be dependent on the seed controller. If the controller is SureDrives, then the modules listed below are NOT compatible:

  1. 2-Channel Hydraulic Down Force
  2. Seed Tube Monitor Module
  3. Clutch Control Module
  4. Planter Monitor Module (PMM)
    • MUXBUS sensors cannot be plugged into an RCM
  5. 3rd Party ISOBUS controllers
    Compatibility with these controllers is currently under investigation. Further testing is required to identify if other ISOBUS controllers can be operated on the same BUS.

If the controller is a Hydraulic Seed Rate Module or a Stepper Seed Rate Module, the modules listed below are NOT compatible: (the Row Control Module performs the clutch and seed monitoring functions)

  1. Clutch Control Module
  2. Seed Tube Monitor Module

 Are 3rd Party ISOBUS controllers compatible with the PCM2 and SureForce?
Compatibility with these controllers is currently under investigation. Further testing is required to identify if other ISOBUS controllers can be operated on the same BUS.

Can an OEM planter ISOBUS harness be used to connect to the Down Force system in lieu of an Ag Leader planter harness?

No. The Ag Leader planter harness is required.

With SureForce, can any of the rows be paired together?

No. Currently, ISO Hydraulic Down Force would be the solution for this.

What sizes are the hydraulic hoses used for SureForce?

Tractor to Main Control Valve(Pressure, Tank, and Return lines): ½”

Row to Row: 3/8”   Down force hose: 3/8”   Uplift hose: ¼”

What is the response time of the down force actuator?

Valve adjustments occur at 5 Hz, gauge wheel load is measured at 200 Hz. Response time may vary depending on the adjustment that must be made. 

How often does a gauge wheel sensor report load values? 

A gauge wheel sensor reports up to 200 load values per second.

Why is an accumulator not needed with this system?

SureForce maintains a target pressure based on the tractors hydraulic capability. The control valve we use on SureForce controls to an output pressure and if pressure drops, the valve automatically allows more fluid into the cylinder to bring pressure back up to target. Likewise, if pressure increases (rock strike), the valve automatically relieves excess pressure to get to commanded pressure. This eliminates latency in the control system, which allows immediate response to rock strikes.

Why is uplift offered now, but not previously?

Previously our uplift solution was in the form of springs.

Using the actuator for uplift reduces interference with uplift springs on installs.

How are new valve blocks mounted?

Main Control valve is centrally located on the planter frame.

Row valve is mounted on the upper actuator bracket of each row

Does SureForce allow for installs on previously unsupported systems?

Yes, SureForce expands compatibility to: Kinze pusher units, Harvest International, and Case IH long parallel arms

Is a CAN switchbox required when only installing SureForce on a planter?

If SureForce is being installed on a ground drive planter or  on a planter where planter functions are being controlled through a different monitor, a CAN switch box is not required. The on/off and control functions of SureForce are controlled by the implement switch and the display. 

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