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How to test a gauge wheel load sensor

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Last updated: 22 Apr, 2019
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Gauge Wheel Sensor Reading Zero

A gauge wheel sensor could read a zero gauge wheel load all the time.  The user may suspect that the gauge wheel sensor has failed.  A simple step that can be attempted is resetting the gauge wheel sensor type.  By doing this, the Row Control Module (RCM) is being reset so it knows the correct sensor it is using.  Below are the steps that can be taken to reset the sensor type in the RCM.  

  1. Enter into the Configuration Setup
  2. Press Down Force to access the down force settings
  3. Change the Gauge Wheel Sensor type to something different than what is being used (Deere, Kinze, White, etc.)
  4. Press the green accept button at the bottom
  5. Exit the Configuration Setup page by pressing the arrow at the top of the page
  6. Enter back into the Configuration Setup
  7. Press the Down Force Button to enter the settings
  8. Change the Gauge Wheel Sensor to the correct type
  9. Press the green accept button
  10. Exit Configuration Setup and test system
  11. If gauge wheels are still reading a zero try lifting the row units and setting them back down.

Reasons a gauge wheel load could be reading zero:

  • If the gauge wheel sensor is set incorrectly
  • If the gauge wheel sensor is installed incorrectly
  • RCM missing information when loading an event (updating to firmware v3.5 will resolve this)

If a gauge wheel sensor is still reading zero gauge wheel load, troubleshooting can be continued onto hardware.   Check the RCM, cable, and sensor.  These items can be replaced with a working row to see if the problem still occurs.

It's important to understand the different states a load sensor can read-(Zero, N/A, no or low gauge wheel load)     

  • A gauge wheel sensor reading zero is not working.
  • A gauge wheel sensor reading between 1 and 4 lbs is working, but there is actually no gauge wheel load or the planter is lifted
  • 'N/A' will be visible if a RCM doesn't see the sensor


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