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Down Force Trends Graph

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Last updated: 06 Feb, 2019
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  • The Down Force trends graph is only for SureForce and Individual Row Down Force on the InCommand FW. 3.0 and newer.
  • The Down Force Trends graph will show how far the gauge wheel load is off (+/-) from target (as a percentage) on each row.
  • On the Down Force Trends graph the row number is indicated below each bar on the graph.
  • If too heavy, trending towards the weight icon, more weight is seen on the gauge wheel than what is targeted.
    • Removing weight from the row unit or installing uplift springs are possible solutions. 
  • If too light, trending towards the feather icon, less weight is seen on the gauge wheel load than what is targeted.
    • If the tractor is capable increase the maximum force value. (See equation below)
    • If uplift springs are installed consider removing them.
  • If the tractor does not have the hydraulic capability to achieve the targeted down force then the trends graph will always trend below target.

Calculating Maximum Force

Example: 2100 PSI (Input pressure from tractor), 4.2 PSI/lb (Kinze 3000 Hydraulic Pressure to Down Force Conversion Ratio)

2100 PSI/ 4.2 = 500 lb of Maximum force

***Caution: Excessive maximum force may lift the tool bar. 

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