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AgFiniti FAQ

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Last updated: 06 Feb, 2019
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With all the controversy surrounding data sent to the cloud and data ownership, how does AgFiniti differ?

With AgFiniti, the customer owns the data - not Ag Leader. Data is sent to a secure, remote server. Ag Leader does not own, share or mine customer data files.

Who should have an AgFiniti account? How can I create one?

Both growers and dealers need an AgFiniti account. AgFiniti accounts were designed for SMS and non-SMS users alike. SMS users will use their existing credentials to log in to, and non-users will create their accounts at 

How should I set up my AgFiniti account?

Refer to this document that will recommend how to set up AgFiniti accounts for common user relationship roles.

For tutorials on how to setup an AgFiniti account, follow this link.

How many owners can an AgFiniti account have?

Each AgFiniti account has a sole primary owner, but multiple administrators can be added and will have similar permissions as the owner. These users must have a unique email address and username/password to access the account. All licenses are tied to the account, not the individual user. 

What do I do once my license has expired?

A new license will need to be purchased. Refer to this document to learn how to extend an AgFiniti license to prevent licenses from expiring during run time.

I want multiple people to have access to my data but I'd prefer them to have different levels of abilities. Can AgFiniti allow this?

Yes. Your AgFiniti account can allow for an unlimited number of users and each can have 1 of 4 permission levels. There is an administrator, power, general and guest user level. Each user will require a unique email address that has not been used in any other account in AgFiniti previously. Use this link to view what each permission level is capable of. 

I am new to AgFiniti, what steps do I need to take before I can use it?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Customer orders USB Wi-Fi Adapter from dealer (if needed, the Ag Leader® InCommand™ 1200/800 comes with the adapter included)
  2. Customer orders AgFiniti Essentials license and/or Remote Support license from dealer
  3. Customer creates AgFiniti account on (if not previously using SMS)
  4. Customer accepts TOU on AgFiniti website by logging into for the first time from the web portal
  5. Customer enters license activation codes within the web portal
  6. Customer can add other user permissions within their account. (Additional employees with their own login credentials.)
  7. Customer can now enter login credentials on Ag Leader® InCommand™ 1200/800, Integra or Versa displays, as well as SMS
  8. Dealer can now request sharing rights and customer can accept/edit the request

What type of data can I send to AgFiniti and how much of it can my account store?

User can export AgSetup, AgData, ISOXML and Smart Reports files from their Ag Leader® InCommand™ 1200/800, Integra & Versa. AgData and AgSetup files can be transferred from SMS directly to AgFiniti. Lastly, shape files can be manually uploaded into AgFiniti. Each AgFiniti Essentials license provides 2 GB of available storage. The AgFiniti Area/Storage License provides an additional 10 GB of storage.

What displays are compatible with AgFiniti? 

AgFiniti is compatible with the Ag Leader® InCommand™ 1200/800 & Integra/Versa, AutoFarm Integra/Versa and Hardi HC9600/HC8600 & HC9500/HC8500 displays. 

Do I need an Essentials License to remotely view a display?

Yes. The person viewing the display needs to have the Essentials license. The display being viewed needs to be logged into AgFiniti, but does not necessarily need the Essentials license. 

Is there a limit to how many displays I can remotely view with a Essentials license?

No. One Essentials license can support an unlimited number of displays, per AgFiniti account. 

Can I use my iPad for AgFiniti Remote Support for the purpose of viewing an Ag Leader® Integra/Versa display for remote support though AgFiniti?

Yes. AgFiniti Remote Support works on any modern HTML5 browser and most mobile HTML5 browsers.

Will AgFiniti Cloud work with my mobile device (iOS/Android/Windows?)

Tablets: Yes, via the web browser, but there may be some limitations depending on the OS the device runs. On iOS devices, like the iPad, there currently is no support for adding files to AgFiniti from the device, but you can download files to a 3rd-party cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also email links to download files. 

Smartphones: Yes, via the web browser. So, depending on the smartphone and its screen size/resolution, the page may be usable but there is no guarantee. On smaller screens the page may not be formatted properly as the web browser is optimized for computers and tablets.

Requirements to run the AgFiniti Cloud: As long as you have a device that can run an HTML5 based web browser, you should be fine. With a modern browser you should be able to run on PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, and even phones. The latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer should all work. IE 9 is not fully supported. The file transfer functions for adding files are not supported on iOS devices but may work using 3rd-party applications that allow you to push/pull files from another cloud storage service.

Requirements for display remote support: Works on any modern HTML5 browser and most mobile HTML5 browsers.

Do I need an AgFiniti Essentials License to move or share files from my display to AgFiniti or between accounts?

Yes. An AgFiniti Essentials license is needed to move files from an Ag Leader® InCommand/Integra/Versa display to the AgFiniti cloud and for moving setup files between SMS and the AgFiniti cloud.

An AgFiniti Essentials license is also required to share files between AgFiniti accounts. This includes exporting mappable data from SMS to different AgFiniti accounts. 

Note: You do not need an AgFiniti Essentials license to view your own SMS data on AgFiniti Cloud, only a current SMS license is needed

How many devices can I register to one AgFiniti Essentials license?

An AgFiniti Essentials license allows you to register 3 displays and up to 10 iPads. If you would like to register more after that you will need to purchase another Essentials license.

Are AgFiniti Essentials licenses transferable among dealers or user's accounts?

No, the licenses are solely intended for use by the purchaser and are non-transferable. The license must remain under the account that it was activated on. If a customer is unable to recover account information due to a lost or changed email address, please contact for assistance. 

What types of hotspot solutions are compatible with AgFiniti?

Customers have a variety of hotspot solutions to choose from.

  • Cell phone or tablet, if your device has the ability to broadcast Wi-Fi
  • BR1 Mini mobile internet hotspot (For more information on this solution, talk to your Ag Leader dealer)
  • Jetpack or similar device MiFi type device
  • Existing Wi-Fi network such as a shop or home
    • Note: ParaDyme/GeoSteer cell modems cannot be used as WiFi hotspots

For best performance, mobile internet hotspots should operate on 3G/4G LTE cellular networks.

DisplayCast data is not syncing across my displays today. It synced previously, what should I do?

Before any troubleshooting has started, make sure all displays using DisplayCast are updated to the latest display firmware.

  • The legend to the right can be used to jump to a specific problem in the DisplayCast troubleshooting flow chart.
  • If not able to resolve data sync issues after proceeding through this flow chart, please contact Technical Support.
  • For additional information and troubleshooting help with DisplayCast, follow this link.

How come my boundaries will not transfer from my InCommand to AgFiniti Mobile/Cloud? 

In order to transfer newly created boundaries out of your InCommand and into AgFiniti Mobile/Cloud, you will need to log some kind of data associated with that field. This can be any kind of logged data such as coverage data, logged points or marks. Once these items have been created and saved, you should be able to see that data along with the new boundary on AgFiniti Mobile/Cloud. Note, an AgFiniti Essentials license is required for data transfer to AgFiniti Cloud. 

How do Marks move within Agfiniti? 

Marks will move nearly everywhere within Agfiniti as long as they are attached to logged data. The only exception to this rule is marks created in Agfiniti will not transfer back to SMS.

Why doesn't some of my data show up in AgFiniti Mobile when it's present in AgFiniti Cloud?

If only data from this season and last is processing into AgFiniti Mobile and is all present in AgFiniti cloud, make sure to check the "Only Sync Data From..." option in mobile. This setting can be found by tapping the menu button in the upper left, then Settings and Sync Settings. The default setting is set to This Year and Last but can be changed All Years or a specific year. Once this is changed, missing data should be processed in based on your selection. 

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