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NTRIP RTK on InCommand Display FAQ

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Last updated: 03 Apr, 2018
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This article provides more information about the feature NTRIP RTK on InCommand display.

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What is NTRIP RTK on InCommand display and what does it do for my operation?

This exclusive InCommand feature will allow any InCommand display to connect to NTRIP network(s) and send RTK corrections out to a GPS receiver via AUX  port. In the past, an external (or built in) modem with NTRIP capabilities was required in order to use RTK NTRIP corrections with a GPS receiver.

This also means that growers now only need one data plan to use NTRIP RTK corrections and AgFiniti (such as DisplayCast, Remote Support, and File Transfer).

There are no additional display unlocks required for NTRIP RTK on InCommand, nor is an AgFiniti account required.

What if I already use a mobile hotspot for AgFiniti cloud access (such as DisplayCast) on my display(s)? How does this affect my operation?

Any cellular/mobile hotspot can be used! Since NTRIP RTK on InCommand and AgFiniti use the same internet connection, there is no need for an additional mobile hotspot in the cab. With that, there is also no need for an additional data plan!

You will only need NTRIP network credentials and necessary cabling to send RTK NTRIP from InCommand display to an RTK unlocked GPS receiver.

Can I use this InCommand feature with SteerCommand, GeoSteer, or ParaDyme? What about other 3rd party receivers?

Growers can use with SteerComand, ParaDyme, and GeoSteer. This is also a great opportunity for users to transition to a single data plan for NTRIP RTK and AgFiniti with the BR1 Mini hotspot. 

3rd party receivers may work, but Ag Leader does not support this. As long as the GPS receiver supports NTRIP RTK input via serial, NTRIP on the InCommand display acts no different than an external modem with a built in NTRIP client.

For cabling options, see “What additional cabling from my InCommand display AUX port to my GPS receiver will I need?

When was the feature release date?

February 6, 2018

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Does the InCommand display have a built in cell modem mobile hotspot?

No. The InCommand display does not have a built in cell modem hotspot. An external internet connection (mobile hotspot) is still required to use NTRIP RTK on InCommand displays.

Which mobile hotspot can I use?

Any cellular/mobile hotspot can be used! Bring your own mobile hotspot (mobile phone, iPad, jetpack, etc.)!

Alternatively, order the BR1 Mini hotspot direct from Ag Leader. BR1 Mini cellular hotspot is a great option for Verizon and GSM customers and comes with standard 2-year Ag Leader warranty. The BR1 Mini will also power on/off with your Ag Leader display, no extra interaction required.

What is required to use NTRIP on the InCommand display?

  1. InCommand display (firmware version 3.1+)
  2. Internet connection (mobile internet hotspot)
  3. Aux to 9-pin serial cable (cable options allow for video camera inputs)
  4. RTK unlocked GNSS receiver with two serial ports
  5. RTK NTRIP network and login credentials

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What additional cabling from my InCommand display AUX port to my GPS receiver will I need?

Assuming InCommand display has been previously installed, growers will only need to add an Aux to 9-pin serial cable option and necessary GPS receiver serial cable. These Aux to 9-pin serial cables are available in three options, Aux to 9-pin serial, and Aux to serial with 2 video camera inputs, and Aux to serial with 4 video camera inputs. See NTRIP RTK on InCommand cabling guide.

GPS 6500 (RTK Unlocked):

  • InCommand Aux Serial (9-pin) Cable - Cable part number is dependent on number of cameras in use
  • Dual port GPS receiver cable (ships with all GPS 6500 receivers from Ag Leader)

ParaDyme and GeoSteer (RTK Unlocked):

  • InCommand Aux Serial (9-pin) Cable - Cable part number is dependent on number of cameras in use
  • AUX/NMEA out cable PN: 4002226-15 (ParaDyme) or 4003263-6 (GeoSteer)

GPS 2500 (RTK Unlocked):

  • InCommand Aux Serial (9-pin) Cable - Cable part number is dependent on number of cameras in use
  • Dual port GPS receiver cable (shipped with all GPS 2500s from Ag Leader)
  • Recommend RTCM data format. CMR data format is not supported.

3rd Party Receivers may or may not function properly as they are not supported by Ag Leader:

  • Aux to 9-pin serial (cable part number is dependent on number of cameras in use)
  • 9-pin serial GPS receiver adapter cable (provided by GPS receiver manufacturer)
  • Null modem cable PN: 2000819 (where applicable)

Can I create or connect to multiple NTRIP streams?

As standard practice, only one NTRIP network can be used/connected to at a time. Users do have the ability to create multiple NTRIP network connections that can be saved as "Profiles." This allows for easy switching between NTRIP data streams.

See "RTK Settings - NTRIP RTK on InCommand" section within the InCommand display user guide.

Does NTRIP on the InCommand display support "web links" as the NTRIP server entry?

Yes! It also supports standard IP address NTRIP server entry.

How do I know if NTRIP RTK on InCommand will work in my fields?

The best approach is to consult cellular network coverage maps and then verify cellular hotspot performance in the field, prior to beginning an operation.

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If I don’t want to use NTRIP RTK on InCommand, can I still use my cellular CDMA or GSM RTK Relay? What about my ParaDyme or GeoSteer internal cell modem?

Verizon has announced plans to retire its non 4G LTE network (CDMA) entirely at the end of 2019.

  • Non 4G LTE devices include CDMA Relays and internal modem ParaDyme/GeoSteer systems
  • New (or new to user) CDMA Relays must be activated prior to June 30th, 2018. Non 4G LTE devices cannot be activated after this date.
  • CDMA Relays will NOT be able to be suspended and reactivated after June 30th, 2018. If users expect to use their CDMA Relay past June 30th, 2018, their device data plan must stay activated.
  • This does not affect users outside of North America. The cellular GSM RTK Relays can be used as normal in North America (and internationally) and are not affected by this as they do not use Verizon cell network.

With little incentive to maintain cellular network hardware as the shut down date approaches, end users may experience degraded performance of non 4G LTE devices (CDMA Relay, ParaDyme, and GeoSteer) on Verizon CDMA network.

  • Internal cell modem ParaDyme and GeoSteer users can still utilize Sprint, Sprint like, and AT&T cell networks (where cell coverage exists).
  • Alternatively, the BR1-Mini (Verizon 4G LTE capable modem) is available for customers that want to utilize NTRIP RTK and/or AgFiniti on a single data plan, with GPS 6500, ParaDyme, or GeoSteer systems. See BR1-Mini FAQ for more information.

Note: If a CDMA Relay in the field fails or has to be replaced after June 30th, 2018 and the unit has an active line on a Verizon account (data plan), Verizon should be able to transfer service to a replacement device only on that existing account, until July 1st, 2019.

What if I turn my display off or lose connection to NTRIP network while using this feature? Will I have to reconfigure settings?

No. Once configured and connected, InCommand display will automatically connect to NTRIP on each subsequent display boot up. NTRIP RTK on InCommand display will automatically reconnect in the event internet connection to the NTRIP server is lost.

Can I use NTRIP RTK on InCommand with my GPS 6500 while an RTK Relay is connected?

In the event users attempt to use NTRIP RTK on InCommand with an RTK Relay (Relay 400, 900, CDMA, or GSM) connected to a GPS 6500, users may experience performance issues due to auto detecting and selecting "RTK" as the correction source.

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