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BR1 Mini Mobile Internet Hotspot FAQ

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Last updated: 13 May, 2019
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This article provides information about the BR1 Mini mobile internet hotspot. This will continuously be updated.

What is the BR1 Mini?

BR1 Mini is a mobile internet hotspot that runs on Verizon or GSM cell networks in North America. It's used to provide internet access to any capable device, such as InCommand displays, from remote locations (where cellular signal is available). Since the BR1 Mini is a standalone cellular modem, it can be activated and left in the cab of your machine at all times for quick and easy internet access, in the field or at home. 

Which cellular networks can I use the BR1 Mini with?

Intended use is for North America and can be activated on Verizon or GSM cell networks, with appropriate SIM card.

The BR1 Mini is US Cellular capable with the appropriate SIM card. For further details contact Data Activation Center (

Which data speed is the BR1 Mini capable of?

Units purchased before January  2019- 4G LTE with fallback capability to 3G service.
Units purchased on/after January 2019 -  4G only.

What is the retail price of the BR1 Mini kit and when can I order?

          The retail price is $795 and will be available for order in February 2018.

Standard dealer discounts and 2-year warranty apply to purchases of the BR1 Mini.  The kit will include necessary power cable, SIM card, mounting hardware and cell antenna along with mounting plate.  The modem is setup and configured for use with Ag Leader displays.

Does the BR1 Mini act as an NTRIP RTK client for sending RTK corrections to GPS receiver over cell?

No. Modem does not have an NTRIP client, it is for internet access only. Alternatively, the BR1 Mini can be used with the NTRIP RTK on InCommand display feature. See "NTRIP RTK on InCommand display FAQ".

What size of data plan will I need to use AgFiniti or NTRIP RTK on InCommand?

Data plan size is strictly dependent on operations, field sizes, and other connected mobile device(s) usage. Data Activation Center offers multiple data plan options and will even suspend data plan(s) during non-active months.

Who supports and services the BR1 Mini sold by Ag Leader?

For activation of the modem or cellular related troubleshooting, contact Data Activation Center (same as with CDMA RTK Relay).

  • Ag Leader is continuing to partner with Data Activation Center ( to activate the BR1-Mini cellular modem hotspot and provide data plans that fit needs of the user.
  • Multiple data plans are available through Data Activation Center and data plan(s) can even be suspended during non-active months.

For hardware, cabling, or install related troubleshooting, contact Ag Leader Technology

  • The standard Ag Leader 2-year warranty still applies on all BR1 Mini cellular modems purchased from Ag Leader.

How is the BR1 Mini powered on? What cabling will I need?

The BR1 Mini power cable (PN 4005136) will plug-in to current Ag Leader display cables via the “Power Activation” connection. This allows the BR1 Mini to seamlessly power on and off with your Ag Leader display, no additional user interaction required. If also using Ag Leader autosteer, the BR1 Mini power cable will still provide “Guidance Activation” power to the autosteer system.

All necessary cabling for use with Ag Leader displays, including BR1 Mini power cable (PN 4005136), are included in the BR1 Mini kit from Ag Leader.  Requires InCommand auxiliary cable for NTRIP RTK.  

Do I need to buy a different modem between Verizon and GSM?

                No, same hardware is in all BR1 Mini modems. Suggested network to use is dependent on cellular provider coverage in your area.

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