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Updating AutoSteer Firmware: Upgrade process is stuck in the "Uploading File" page

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Last updated: 20 Mar, 2019
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When upgrading the autosteer system (SteerCommand, ParaDyme, GeoSteer, OnTrac3, etc.) the user is required to download the file to a USB memory drive. In the event the user attempts to upgrade the AutoSteer system and the system stays on the "loading file" page for more than 10 minutes without beginning "Step 1," follow the steps below:

  1. Select the "back" arrow in the top left corner to exit loading file page.
  2. Remove USB icon and plug into computer
  3. Ensure the firmware file name is not missing any characters and/or does not contain additional characters
    • Example: File name for the SteerCommand/OnTrac3 upgrade should be "ECU-S1-v3.6.32652.tgz"
      • When downloading the file, user notices that "(1)" has been added to the end of the file, ECU-S1-v3.6.32652(1).tgz.
      • When downloading the file, user notices that "t" has been dropped from the file extension name, ECU-S1-v3.6.32652.gz.
  4. If characters are missing/added:
    • Edit the file name via computer so it is proper
    • Redownload the file from the Knowledgebase
  5. Cycle power on the system and proceed to upgrading firmware as normal
    • Use a different USB memory drive if issues continue with upgrading firmware
  6. Contact Support if issues with upgrading firmware persist.

Content last reviewed on: 3/27/17
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