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InCommand Seasons Management

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Last updated: 25 Jun, 2019
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This article explains how to manage data from the seasons tab on InCommand Displays.

Once in the season tab you will see what seasons are in the display and which one is active.

Clearing Old Data from the InCommand Display

Each season can be broken down into Events by operation by pressing the plus icon next to the season.

Data on the InCommand Display is not deleted or removed from the system after being exported. To clear memory from the display, operations from the season or the whole season itself can be deleted.

**Always export all data and create a backup before deleting old information from the display.

Changing the Active Season

  1. By highlighting a season and pressing the wrench, the Edit Season window appears. Season date ranges can be adjusted for fit the needs of any users operating window.
    1. Example: the 2017 can be set as active for 2016 fall anhydrous application. 
    2. The primary active season can be set from the Edit Season page. If the set active season checkbox is grayed out, the season date range needs adjusted to be within the current date range.

Reminder: As long as the season date range is set appropriately, the season can be easily adjusted from the Field Select Wizard.

Seasons Management when using DisplayCast

Deleting seasons will not remove data from other, synced displays. In order to fully delete seasons, they will need to be deleted on each display individually, then the DisplayCast cloud data will need to be cleared. Once those steps are complete, syncing can be resumed and the seasons should no longer be present. If the cloud data is not cleared or seasons cleared on all displays, the deleted season will show backup on all synced displays. Follow the below steps to successfully clear a season from a DisplayCast display.

  1. Power on InCommand display without internet source available to the display.  This can be accomplished by either leaving the hotspot source off, or removing the WIFI adaptor from the back of the InCommand display
  2. Switch the DisplayCast setting to manual sync
  3. Go to Setup > Management Setup > Season Tab and delete any season data that needs removed from the display.  If you are performing steps per TIA-129 you can add a new season by pressing the green plus.  After the new season is created, delete it to trigger a cleanup process. Adding a new season and removing is only necessary if you do not want to remove existing logged data from the display but have been affected by TIA-129.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for every InCommand display participating in DisplayCast on the account.
  5. On the last display that a season is deleted from reconnect it to Internet while leaving DisplayCast on Manual Sync.
  6. After internet connects and the display has logged into AgFiniti, press the CLEAR button within the DisplayCast menu.  This will clear only the DisplayCast data from AgFiniti Cloud. 
  7.  Switch the DisplayCast setting back to ON and allow the display to sync with AgFiniti cloud.
  8. Go back to all other Displays in the operation and switch the DisplayCast setting back to ON and allow them to sync with AgFiniti Cloud
  9. Verify that the deleted season data is removed from the Display After all displays have synced with AgFiniti cloud.


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