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Precision Planting Master Overview

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Last updated: 13 May, 2019
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Precision Planting

Displays: 20/20 SeedSense

File Type: .dat

File Path: X:/Grower/Grower_Farm_SN#/Year/Field/field_map_year_month_day_seq.dat

            Precision Planting calls the Grower (Client)

            SN# = Display serial number

            Seq = sequence number for the dataset for each day starting with 000

Miscellaneous Notes:

  •  Varieties/hybrids will not import Product group, Usage, Form or Crop Type to SMS. If the user is exporting the planting data for variety tracking in other displays then first define these items before exporting. They can be defined by right-clicking on the product in the tree and going to edit item or they can be changed through tools, management item editor, and then product.
  • The field_summary_XXXX.dat file will produce a processing error when reading in 20/20 data. This is expected and SMS does not use that file at this time. The field_mapXX.dat files are the required files.
  • Currently the Precision Planting FODD does not allow the ability to read row by row data or dual-hybrid data into SMS. 
  • As-applied liquid and insecticide data can be imported into the current version of SMS if the data was logged using newer 20/20 display firmware and Precision Planting FODD or newer, older SMS/FODD/Display versions will not allow this data to be imported. The 20/20 as-applied liquid data is not tied to a product in the file. This means that when it is imported into SMS, the software will assign it to a new product such as "Liquid_2".
  • Liquid data recorded with the FieldView Drive is currently not supported and we are looking into adding this functionality in a future version. 
  • Gen 3 20/20 Displays not recognizing Grower/Farm/Field information from SMS need to update the 20/20 to firmware version 2019.1.3 or newer

Variety Tracking:

  • The Precision Planting Yield monitor can only do variety tracking if the varieties were recorded with the Precision Planting monitor and only through the Field View software. SMS cannot export the correct format for variety tracking to the 2020 YieldSense.

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