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SMS Backup Issues

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Last updated: 06 Mar, 2019
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Problem/Issue:   The user receives an error when attempting to perform a Backup.


  1. Entering a slash (/) or special characters into the custom folder name box (Error code 503)
  2. A project is checked out
  3. A project is locked open
  4. Trying to write the backup file directly to an external drive (Error 508)
  5. There is not enough space on the hard drive  (Error 507 or 506)
  6. User doesn’t have rights to save/edit/create data on computer


  1. Remove the slash or special characters in the custom file name.  Per Windows standards 
  2. Check in any checked out projects or possibly have projects file repaired by technical support
  3. Allow the backup to be written to the default location. When trying to write the backup directly to   an external drive the data may not be able to transfer fast enough through the USB connection, this can result in corrupt and useless backup files. After the backup has been created onto the computer, copy the backup file(s) to the external drive
  4. If multiple projects are selected for Backup, group them into smaller subsets or individual backups
  5. Make sure user is logged in as an administrator

Other Notes:

  1. If computer is having issue with large backups, or external drive is full, suggest splitting backups into smaller parts
    1. Tools - General Options - Paths - Split into Multiple Files and choose the split size
  2. Remember that backups can be made from within a project as well as from the projects screen
    1. If you are having issues getting into a project, you can make a backup while not getting into the project

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