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Updating SMS

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Last updated: 20 Jun, 2016
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Description: Updates are released several times a year. It is beneficial to always be on the most recent version, as updates contain fixes and enhancements to keep up with newly released display firmware and enhance the users overall experience with SMS.

How it Works:

Step 1

Before users begin the updating process it is recommended to first create a back-up(s) of all project(s). Users can create a back-up by opening a project and going to ‘Services->Back-up/Restore->Back-up Project Data now’. Creating a back-up will ensure that your data is safe should something go wrong during the migration.

Step 2 (SMS Advanced Only)

Advanced users will also want to make sure that all projects are checked back in before the update process is started. Data will not be migrated if a project is checked out at the time of the update.

Step 3

Once the data has been backed up, users have several methods to update to the next version.

Option 1 (Windows 7, 8, and 10)

Check for Updates (Internet Connection Required)

  • Open SMS and across the top toolbar go to ‘Help->Check for Updates’.
  • SMS will connect to Ag Leader’s TrueUpdateClient webserver and find the next update available for the software.
  • Follow the wizard steps to download and install the next available version of the software.
  • Users may need to disable anti-virus/firewall programs on the computer so the download/installation is not blocked.

**If installing v15.5 or newer on a Windows Vista operating system this option will not work. Vista users will need to utilize option 2**

Option 2 (Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10)

Manual Installation from web (Internet Connection Required for Download)

  • Go to
  • Download desired version (Note: If data is already contained in the system, users will want to make sure to download the next version in sequence so the stored data can be properly migrated. For example if version 15.2 is currently installed users would need to download/install version 15.5 and migrate the data before installing version 16.1).
    • If asked to open or save, select ‘save’.
    • Once the download is complete it will show up in downloads folder on computer as a compressed/zipped folder.
    • Extract downloaded folder (Right click->Extract all)
    • Double click and run the setup.exe application file once the download folder has been extracted.
    • Related Article: **Manually Downloading SMS**
  • Follow wizard steps to install the software.

Option 3 (Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10)

Using Ag Leader provided USB

  • Insert installation USB.
  • Navigate to My computer and open the USB drive.
  • Open SMS_Basic_Advanced_Install Folder and run setup.exe contained inside.
  • Follow wizard steps to install the software.

Step 4

Once the installation is complete, open the SMS software

Step 5

You will now be prompted to start the migration process. Click ok to start the migration. You will need to do this step to covert the data already contained in the system to the data structure of the new version. You will not be able to access your information on the new version until the data has been migrated.

Migration can take several hours or even just a few minutes depending on your computer, the number of files, and overall amount of data that needs to be migrated.

You will want to make sure the computer stays fully powered throughout the migration process and does not go to sleep.

Step 6

Once the migration completes the software will restart and all of your information should now be migrated and accessible just like it was on the previous version.

Please contact Technical Support if you encounter problems while updating

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