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Last updated: 17 Dec, 2018
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Being connected makes farming easier and more efficient by allowing for more decision making on the go. AgFiniti® connects you to your operation, your trusted advisors and your data. Access to your data and your maps from the field, the office, or while meeting with your trusted advisors; through your iPad, tablet, laptop or even your smartphone has never been easier!

Initial Launch Date: 2013

Display Manuals

Title Description Part Number Revision
InCommand Display User Guide (32 MB) Covers everything that the display can do without purchasing additional modules or kits.  This also includes AgFiniti Cloud and AgFiniti Mobile features. 4004700-ENG F

Quick Reference Guides

Title Description Part Number Revision
General Reference
AgFiniti Account Setup (<1 MB) AgFiniti account creation scenarios QR Guide 9/18/2018
AgFiniti Permissions (<1 MB) AgFiniti user levels and their respective permissions guide QR Guide 12/18/2017
SMS with AgFiniti (<1 MB) SMS - AgFiniti Cloud compatibility guide QR Guide 1/14/2016
AgFiniti Essentials*
AgFiniti Cloud -  Using Essentials (<1 MB) How to send and access files in AgFiniti Cloud from supported sources. 2006360-ENG H
AgFiniti Cloud - File Sharing Options (<1 MB) Outline of the File Sharing options available with Essentials QR Guide 1/7/2016
Remote Support*
AgFiniti Cloud - Remote Support (<1 MB) How to use Remote Support to view an Ag Leader display within the AgFiniti Cloud 2006362-ENG E
AgFiniti Cloud - Remote Support Structure (<1 MB) Outline of the Remote Support structure QR Guide 12/11/2017
Map View
Using AgFiniti Map View (<1 MB) How to export from SMS and view data in the AgFiniti Cloud using Map View 4004394-ENG G
AgFiniti Map View Features (<1 MB) Description of Map View features 4004428-ENG H
AgFiniti Prescriptions (<1 MB) How to set up and run a prescription for field. QR Guide 10/15/2018
AgFiniti Mobile App*
InCommand Connection Methods (<1 MB) Describes the 3 different methods for connecting InCommand and AgFiniti Mobile and covers scenarios for when each method is preferred. QR Guide A

*For instructions on how to utilize AgFiniti Essentials, Remote Support, or the AgFiniti Mobile app with an InCommand display, please reference the AgFiniti section of the InCommand Display User Guide linked above.

AgFiniti Feature Comparison

AgFiniti adds powerful features to your other Ag Leader products. Whether you use the InCommand displays, Ag Leader Integra or Versa display, or SMS Desktop Software. This chart shows the features available with each product when you add the power of AgFiniti. Download the AgFiniti Infographic

Video Tutorials

Want to learn more about AgFiniti and get step-by-step instruction in how to use it? Check out our Ag Leader SMS Tutorials YouTube channel, or start watching the playlist below.

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