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Last updated: 20 Dec, 2017
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The GeoSteer AutoSteering system is a high precision GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning system and vehicle interface controller that provides GPS positioning data from various sources and sends that information to the Display to give it position information. The GeoSteer system is also capable of taking guidance information from the Display and interfacing with a vehicle to tell the vehicle where to steer and provide AutoSteer functionality to the Display.

Initial Release Date: 2012

Manuals / Quick Reference Guides

Title Description Part Number Revision
GeoSteer Operator's Manual (3 MB) Setup and operation of GeoSteer through an Ag Leader display. 2006410-ENG Rev B
GeoSteer Installation Manual (1 MB) General instructions for installing the GeoDock and cabling. 602-0297-03 Rev A
Feature User Guide Advanced Tuning (1 MB)
Advanced adjustments for ParaDyme steering, heading, cross track, and line acquisition. 2006411-ENG Rev A
Radio Options
RTK 4xx MHz Installation (1 MB) Steps to install the RTK 4xx MHz radio assembly in the GeoDock. 602-0307-01 Rev A
RTK 900 MHz Installation (1 MB) Steps to install the RTK 900 MHz radio assembly in the GeoDock. 602-0303-01 Rev A
OmniStar Demodulator Installation (1 MB) Steps to install the OmniStar demodulator in the GeoDock. 602-0304-01 Rev B

Steering Kit Installation Instructions

GeoSteer and SteerCommand use the same installation instructions. Please refer to the SteerCommand Steering Kit Installation Instructions for all kit instructions. Any differences specific to GeoSteer are highlighted on that page.

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