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SMS Mobile

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Last updated: 14 Mar, 2017
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SMS™ Mobile allows you to collect information from the field and sync with your desktop software program to provide the extra detail needed to make critical management decisions.

Manuals / Quick Reference Guides

Title Description Part Number Revision
User Manual (<1 MB) Basic setup and operation of SMS Mobile software.
Quick Start Guide (<1 MB) Installation and software registration instructions. 3/14/2017
Icons and Buttons (1 MB) General functionality of all icons and buttons within SMS Mobile 8/1/2013
Setup (<1 MB) Required setup steps for collecting, creating, or editing data. 7/28/2014
Operating Modes (1 MB) Functionality for modes including: boundary, soil sampling, coverage logging, general logging, and crop scouting. 8/1/2013
Sensors (1 MB) Setup steps to use external sensors with SMS Mobile. 8/1/2013
Data Storage, Syncing, Exporting (<1 MB) Data storage within SMS Mobile, syncing data to SMS Desktop software, exporting data from SMS Mobile.  8/1/2013

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