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Last updated: 20 Oct, 2015
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The InSight display is truly the hub of your precision farming operation - from planting through harvest. It allows you to record every activity that happens in your field and provides you with real-time information - everything from yield maps to hybrid/variety performance to as-applied application maps.

Initial Release Date: 2004

Manuals / Quick Reference Guides

Title Description Part Number Revision
User Manual (9 MB) Full manual covering all functions in the display. 2002877 Rev H
Cotton Harvest Manual (3 MB) Insert covering cotton harvest functionality. 2002881 Rev F
Tillage Mode (< 1 MB) Configure tillage equipment, menu screens, cabling, AutoSwath, and Run Screen functionality. 2002831-31 Rev B
Site Verification Mode (<1 MB) Cabling diagram and configuration steps. 2002831-31
Hydraulic Seed Rate Control (1 MB) Configuration steps to control up to three hydraulic motor drives. 2002831-46 Rev C
Stepper Seed Rate Control (1 MB) Setup to allow Rawson ACCU-RATE Variable Rate Controller users to control up to three hydraulic motor drives. 2002831-44 Rev B
Clutch Control Module (1 MB) Configuration steps for row-shutoff, cabling layouts, menu trees. 2002831-40 Rev B
Seed Tube Monitor Module (2 MB) Configuration steps for population monitoring using DICKEY-john seed tube sensors. 2002831-47 Rev B
Kinze Planter Monitoring Module (1 MB) Configure PMM for use with Kinze planters, cabling layouts, menu trees. 2002831-43 Rev C
DirectCommand Liquid (1 MB) DirectCommand liquid control system configuration steps and field operation. 2002831-38 Rev B
Flow Meter (1 MB) Configure flow meter product logging using the Application Rate Module, cabling diagrams, menu tree. 2002831-32 Rev B

Spinner Spreader (1 MB)

Configure a granular spinner bed control system, cabling diagrams, menu tree. 2002831-39 Rev D
Direct Injection (1 MB) Configuration steps for multiple product application, cabling diagrams, menu tree. 2002831-45 Rev A
Strip-Till (1 MB) Strip-till configuration to control multiple products, cabling diagrams, menu tree. 2002831-42 Rev C
OptRx Crop Sensor (<1 MB) Configuration steps, cabling diagram, scan a reference strip, key settings, crop sensor setup, troubleshooting. 2002831-48 Rev A
NORAC UC5 (<1 MB) Boom height control setup and field operation. 2005941
Rawson and New Leader Controllers (<1 MB) Cabling diagram and configuration steps. 2002831-35
Raven Serial, NL Mark V, SP6 (<1 MB) Cabling diagram and configuration steps. 2002831-33
Mid-Tech Controllers (<1 MB) Cabling diagram and configuration steps. 2002831-34
Grain Harvest Mode (<1 MB) Configuration and calibration steps. 2002831-36
Cotton Harvest Mode (<1 MB) Configuration, calibration, and field operation. 2002831-41

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