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Last updated: 19 Sep, 2017
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Versa display showing guidance paths.

The Versa™ display, with an 8.4-inch touchscreen, is ideal for the grower looking for a single display that can handle the most common planting, application and harvest operations. Its flexibility also makes it a smart investment as a second display. And, because it is built on the industry-leading Ag Leader® Integra display technology, it can manage both field data collection and implement control duties, no matter the color of the equipment.

Initial Release Date: 2011

Manuals / Quick Reference Guides

Title Description Part Number Revision
User Manual (8 MB) Full manual covering all functions in the display. 4002722-ENG Rev P
Quick Reference Guide (1 MB) Quick guide covering display screen layout, icons, buttons, and cable layouts. 2005979-ENG Rev H
Data Management & Decision Support
Remote Support - AgFiniti Cloud Portal (<1 MB) View a display remotely using the AgFiniti portal, setup and account sharing. 2006362-ENG Rev B
Remote Support - Display (<1 MB) Preauthorize a viewing session and set up permissions in the display for AgFiniti Remote Support. 2006364-ENG Rev A
File Transfer - AgFiniti Cloud Portal (<1 MB) File Transfer to the AgFiniti portal, how to share files, and transferring files from SMS desktop software. 2006360-ENG Rev B
File Transfer - Display (<1 MB) File Transfer to import and export files from the display, import a prescription and variety map. 2006361-ENG Rev B
Seed Rate Hydraulic Drive (<1 MB) Configuration using Hydraulic Seed Rate Control, how to calculate gear ratio, and product control buttons. 2006004 Rev A
Stepper Seed Control (<1 MB) Configuration for Stepper Seed Control module, how to calculate gear ratio, and product control buttons. 2006003 Rev A
Clutch Control (<1 MB) Create a planting configuration using the Clutch Control Module. 2006001 Rev A
Sprayer (<1 MB) DirectCommand liquid controller settings and product control buttons. 2006310 Rev B
Direct Injection (1 MB) DirectCommand injection pump settings, product control buttons, and injection control buttons. 2006311 Rev A
Spreader (<1 MB) DirectCommand dry controller settings, product control buttons, and calibration. 2006314 Rev C

NORAC UC5 Quick Reference (<1 MB)

NORAC UC5 Operators Manual (5MB)

Boom height control setup, sensors and valve drivers, and basic field operation.



Rev C

Rev F

Strip-Till / Air Cart (<1 MB) Strip-till and air cart configuration, valve and actuator settings, product control buttons, and field operation. 2006315 Rev B
ISOBUS / Virtual Terminal (2 MB) Virtual Terminal quick reference guide: display setup, cabling, common troubleshooting. 2006300 Rev C
ISO Serial Bridge Module (2 MB) Enable VT and task controller and display configuration. 2006007 Rev A
Serial Communication (<1 MB) Serial controller setup with Application Rate Module, list of compatible controllers. 2002831-50 Rev B
Harvest Calibrations (<1 MB) How to perform harvest calibrations including: distance, header sensor, vibration, temperature, moisture, and grain weight. 2002831-51 Rev A

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