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Ag Leader Integra

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Last updated: 19 Sep, 2017
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Ag Leader Integra with switchbox showing the DirectCommand map screen.

The Ag Leader Integra display puts cutting-edge precision farming technology at your fingertips. The large, full-color 12.1″ HD touchscreen makes reading and using your display easy. No matter the color of your equipment, you can use it in your cab to do planter and application control, mapping, yield monitoring, real-time data logging and more. It even has four live video inputs so that you can keep an eye on your equipment while it's in operation. With a completely integrated guidance system, the Ag Leader Integra display keeps the "precision" in precision farming.

Initial Release Date: 2009

Manuals / Quick Reference Guides

Title Description Part Number Revision
User Manual (10 MB) Full manual covering all functions in the display. 4002083-ENG Rev P
Quick Reference Guide (1 MB) Quick guide covering display screen layout, icons, buttons, and cable layouts. 2005979-ENG Rev H
Data Management & Decision Support
Remote Support - AgFiniti Cloud (<1 MB) View a display remotely using AgFiniti, setup and account sharing. 2006362-ENG Rev B
Remote Support - Display (<1 MB) Preauthorize a viewing session and set up permissions in the display for AgFiniti Remote Support. 2006364-ENG Rev A
File Transfer - AgFiniti Cloud (<1 MB) File Transfer to AgFiniti, how to share files, and transferring files from SMS desktop software. 2006360-ENG Rev B
File Transfer - Display (<1 MB) File Transfer to import and export files from the display, import a prescription and variety map. 2006361-ENG Rev B
Seed Rate Hydraulic Drive (<1 MB) Configuration using Hydraulic Seed Rate Control, how to calculate gear ratio, and product control buttons. 2006004 Rev A
Stepper Seed Control (<1 MB) Configuration for Stepper Seed Control module, how to calculate gear ratio, and product control buttons. 2006003 Rev A
Clutch Control (<1 MB) Create a planting configuration using the Clutch Control Module. 2006001 Rev A
Advanced Seed Monitoring (<1 MB) Seed Tube Monitoring Module setup with a planting configuration. 2006005 Rev A
Planter Monitor Module (<1 MB) Configuration for Kinze planters and field operation. 2002831-43 Rev A
Hydraulic Down Force (<1 MB) Planting configuration using hydraulic down force via CAN, calibration, cabling, FAQ, and common troubleshooting. 2006350 Rev B

ISO Liquid Quick Reference (<1 MB)

ISO Liquid User Manual (6 MB)

ISOBUS Liquid Control Module setup and operation through Universal Terminal.



Rev A

Rev A

Sprayer (<1 MB) DirectCommand liquid controller settings and product control buttons. 2006310 Rev B
Direct Injection (1 MB) DirectCommand injection pump settings, product control buttons, and injection control buttons. 2006311 Rev A
Spreader (<1 MB) DirectCommand dry controller settings, product control buttons, and calibration. 2006314 Rev C
OptRx (<1 MB) Crop sensor setup, rate table settings, and creating the V.I. virtual reference strip. 2006312 Rev C

NORAC UC5 Quick Reference (<1 MB)

NORAC UC5 Manual (5MB)

Boom height control setup, sensors and valve drivers, and basic field operation.



Rev C

Rev F

Strip-Till / Air Cart (<1 MB) Strip-till and air cart configuration, valve and actuator settings, product control buttons, and field operation. 2006315 Rev B
ISOBUS / Virtual Terminal (2 MB) Virtual Terminal quick reference guide: display setup, cabling, common troubleshooting. 2006300 Rev C
ISO Serial Bridge Module (2 MB) Enable VT and task controller and display configuration. 2006007 Rev A
Serial Communication (<1 MB) Serial controller setup with Application Rate Module, list of compatible controllers. 2002831-50 Rev B
Harvest Calibrations (<1 MB) How to perform harvest calibrations including: distance, header sensor, vibration, temperature, moisture, and grain weight. 2002831-51 Rev A
Water Management
Intellislope (1 MB) Take plow measurements and enter into display, GPS configuration, surveying, and installation modes. 2006014 Rev A
Ag Cam Video
Auxilliary Cable Quick Reference (<1 MB) Installation instructions and cabling diagram. 2005968 Rev B

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