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Find links here to download the newest version of SMS software. Interested in a free trial? Simply download the newest version of SMS Basic / Advanced to begin the trial.

Continue reading for instructions relating to SMS Desktop (Basic / Advanced) and SMS Mobile PC or jump to information for SMS Mobile (Windows Mobile Devices ONLY) or Field PC Updates.

SMS Desktop Software and SMS Mobile PC

Existing Customers - Please Read Before Updating

Before updating from the previous version, please be sure to do the following:

  1. Plug devices into the wall – If you’re using a laptop or tablet, make sure that you have it plugged into the wall. This will ensure that your device does not lose power while installing the update or migrating data.
  2. Check In Projects – If you are an SMS Advanced user, all projects that have been “Checked Out” need to be checked back in. This can be done by going to the File menu and clicking Projects.
  3. Create a backup of your data – Creating backups ensures that you have a good starting point in the event in that you have issues during migration or if you have other computer issues, such as a bad hard drive, down the road. Backups can be created by going to the Services menu and clicking Backup/Restore Project(s).

Also, if you have Version 10.00 or higher, and are current in the Yearly Software Maintenance Program, you can download this update by opening the software, and going to Help – Check for Updates. This will download and install the new version for you and will not require additional steps. If you need your account information, request older version downloads, have questions or concerns, please contact our support group or email us at

SMS Basic / Advanced

Version Download Link Release Date Release Notes
19.2 March 2019 SMS_19.2
19.0 November 2018 SMS_19.0
18.5 June 2018 SMS 18.5
18.0 December 2017 SMS 18.0
17.5 August 2017 SMS 17.5
17.2 March 2017 SMS 17.2
16.7 SMS v16.7 web August 2016 SMS 16.7
16.1 SMS v16.1 web April 2016 SMS 16.1
15.5 (167 MB) December 2015 SMS
15.2 (154 MB) March 2015 SMS
14.5 (229 MB) July 2014 SMS
14.0 (150 MB) February 2014 SMS
13.0 (150 MB) September 2013 SMS

SMS is also available for purchase on USB, call Ag Leader to get one today!

You should always download the newest version of SMS that is available. Older versions are provided here to assist you in upgrading from a version below 14.5. Before installing each version, be sure to complete the following steps:

  1. Create a backup of your projects
  2. Install the next version
  3. Open SMS Software and allow the data to migrate
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you are on the current version. 

SMS Mobile PC

Version Download Link Release Date Release Notes
10.1 (12 MB) June 2018 Mobile 10.0.1
9.5 (109 MB) Dec 2016 Mobile

Download Directions

  1. Make a folder on your C:\ hard drive called “Ag Leader Upgrades”. Use this directory for future updates.
  2. Click on the appropriate download link above to begin the download process.
  3. When a dialog box pops up, choose, “Save this file to disk” and click OK. Find the “Ag Leader Upgrades” directory that you created on your hard drive. Click SAVE to begin the download.
  4. Your internet connection speed will determine how long it will take to download the file. Times will range from a several minutes to several hours.
    A 56k modem is recommended as minimum. Typical download time for a 56k modem will be approximately 9.5 hours.
  5. When downloading is complete, compare the file size on your hard drive to the file size stated on the link. The size must match exactly in order to install the program. You can get the file size by single-clicking the icon on your hard drive and choosing PROPERTIES from the FILE menu.
  6. Before installing, we recommend you restart your computer and disable your anti-virus software. Also, make sure that your device is plugged into the wall.
  7. When you have verified the size, right-click on the file and click "Extract All", or use your own zip utility to extract the files.
  8. Navigate to the extracted folder on your computer, and click the "SETUP.EXE" file.
  9. Follow the installation wizard to complete the installation.
  10. Keep the original download file on your hard drive as a backup. All future files will be indexed by program version number.

How to Update SMS to the Newest Version

Minimum System Requirements

The following are the minimum system requirements for SMS Basic/Advanced and SMS Mobile PC to run at an acceptable performance level:

  • 1 GHz processor or higher
  • Windows VISTA (SP 2) on SMS Mobile PC only (See notes below), Windows 7 (SP 1), Windows 8 (Not RT), Windows 10
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 4 GB Application/Date Storage Space

Recommended resolution settings will be the following when running 32 color and 100% scaling of the text sizes:

  • SMS Basic: 1024 x 768*
  • SMS Advanced: 1280 x 1024

*Note: When using SMS Basic with this resolution and making edits to installed field tile, users will have to use the Menu options at the top of the editor to access some of the tools needed. Increasing the resolution on their computer monitor with correct this issue.

Notice To Windows Vista Users

  • In April 2017, Windows officially ended support for Windows Vista. SMS v17.2 is the last version that officially supports Windows Vista. SMS v17.5 will install on Vista, but only had limited testing due to no official support from Microsoft. Due to limited testing there is potential for unforeseen issues on v17.5. SMS v18.0 and higher will no longer install on Windows Vista. When attempting to install v18.0 and higher on Windows Vista, the install will fail. 

  • SMS Mobile PC is still supported on Windows Vista

  • SMS Advanced/Basic (v17.5 and prior) and SMS Mobile PC will not install on Windows Vista computers when going to Help - Check for Updates in either SMS Adv/Basic or SMS Mobile PC. To upgrade to the latest version, please download the applicable version here on the Knowledge Base.

Microsoft Windows Updates

Each version of the Windows operating system is made up of several components. Microsoft will periodically release new versions of these components that contain new features and bug fixes. The application being installed uses these Windows components and requires newer components than the ones that were shipped with the original operating system. The older operating systems will require more Windows components to be updated. Check for Windows Updates and follow the onscreen instructions, several reboots may be required.

SMS Mobile (Windows Mobile Devices ONLY)

SMS Mobile v9.0 for PDA Devices is the Final Version

SMS Basic/Advanced v15.0x was the final version that users could sync data through ActiveSync/Windows Device Manager. SMS Mobile v9.0 will continue to operate and function with future versions of SMS Basic/Advanced, but users will need to transfer data via importing/exporting shapefiles. Users that wish to continue to have the ability to sync data with future versions of SMS Basic/Advanced can convert their license to SMS Mobile PC (for Windows Vista, Win 7, and Win 8 laptops/tablets) for free. Users will need to be current on their mobile maintenance prior to converting to Mobile PC. To convert licenses, users will need to agree to uninstall and no longer use the PDA version, and call/email support to convert the license.

SMS Mobile (PDA Devices)

Version Download Link Release Date Release Notes
9.0 (ActiveSync) (46 MB) November 2014 Mobile
9.0 (manual) (10 MB) November 2014 Mobile

Download Directions

Ag Leader Technology provides two ways to install SMS Mobile on Windows Mobile Devices (e.g. MESA, Field PC, or other PDA device). You can install it either by installing it to your computer and then letting Active Sync/Windows Mobile Device Manager install it to your Windows Mobile Device or you can copy the files over to an external memory card (e.g. SD card) and manually install each of the files on your Windows Mobile Device.

Before installing the update, we recommend that you do a full restart of your desktop computer and your Windows Mobile Device. Most Windows Mobile Devices can be restarted by holding the power button for a few seconds and clicking restart.

Option 1 – Install using ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Manager

  1. Verify the PDA device is plugged into the wall.
  2. If you have Windows XP, you make sure you have Active Sync installed. If you have Windows Vista or newer, you will need to make sure that you have Mobile Device Center installed. You can get these from Windows’ website if necessary.
  3. Once ActiveSync/Mobile Device Center is installed or if it is already, you can connect your mobile device to the PC with the supplied USB cable. Follow the connection steps to connect your mobile device to the PC.
  4. Download the ‘SMSMobile v9.0’ file to your computer
  5. Right-click on the ZIP file and choose ‘Extract All’ or ‘Unzip’.
  6. In the unzipped folder, run the SETUP.EXE file.
  7. Follow the instructions on your computer and your mobile device to install the software.
  8. Once the installs are completed, you may be asked to restart the mobile device.

Option 2 – Install manually using a memory card

  1. Verify that the PDA device is plugged into the wall.
  2. Download the ‘SMS Mobile v9.0 manual’ file to your memory card.
  3. Right-click on the ZIP file and choose ‘Extract All’ or ‘Unzip’.
  4. Copied the unzipped folder to your external card (ie SD card) and insert card in your Windows Mobile Device.
  5. Go to Start – Programs - File Explorer to navigate to the memory card on your Windows Mobile Device
  6. The files MUST be installed in this order:
    1. NETCFv35.Messages*.*.CAB
    2. NETCFv35.wm*.*.CAB
    3. Sqlce*.*.CAB
    4. Sqlce.repl*.*.CAB
    5. Ag Leader SMSMobile **Language Resources.CAB (If you are planning on running SMS Mobile in a language other than English, choose to install the appropriate languages at this time.
    6. Ag Leader SMS Mobile.*.*.CAB (Use “PPC500” if you are running a Windows Mobile 5.X OS and use “PPC600” if you are running a Windows Mobile 6.X OS.)
  7. If you are prompted for a location to install the programs/files, it is strongly recommended that you select the DEVICE option, which should be the default installation location.
  8. After installing the first file, you may be asked to reboot the mobile device, which you should do. After the reboot, continue to install the other files in the listed order until you are finished.

Field PC Updates

IMPORTANT: Perform these steps before updating to 2.1.5

  1. Sync or export all SMS Mobile data with your SMS Basic or SMS Advanced software to ensure that all necessary information is in desktop and can be re-exported back out if necessary after the upgrade.
  2. Under File Explorer, please ensure all needed data found under “My Device” and “Storage” is copied off of the device before proceeding as it will be deleted
    • Delete all information out of the Storage folder after it has been copied elsewhere
  3. After ensuring that you have all data and programs saved off the Field PC, perform a Clean Boot prior to updating – this will remove all Programs from the unit.
    • Hold the Power Button down for a few seconds until a dialog box appears.
    • Click the Reset button.
    • Once the screen goes black, press and hold the three keys to the right (Home , Up arrow, and Context) during the start up of the field PC. Release when the “Ultra-rugged Field PC” splash screen appears.
    • You should be prompted to align the screen
    • Plug the Field PC into your wall power.
  4. Continue with the update process outlined in the Installation Instructions that can be downloaded below. After the Update has installed, you will need to re-install the programs you have loaded, including SMS Mobile.

NOTE: Please contact our Support department ( if you have any questions on the above items or if one of the following items apply to your unit BEFORE proceeding with the update:

  1. I do NOT have a Storage folder when I go to File Explorer
  2. I do NOT get prompted to align the screen after doing a Clean Boot.

Field PC

Version Download Link Release Date Release Notes
2.1.5 FieldPCOS215English.CAB (37 MB) May 2009 Field PC Install Instructions

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