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Last updated: 30 Apr, 2019
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With the release of ECU-S1 version 2.0.30256, the ECU-S1 is now capable of outputting roll corrected NMEA. So if the user is using PortB of their receiver for other purposes, or looking to have roll corrected NMEA out to another display or device, they now have a port to do that right out of the ECU-S1, whether it’s an OT3 or a SteerCommand. There is now a NMEA out button added to the ECU-S1 setup screens under the GPS tab.
Note: Port A Hz rate must be set to 10Hz or lower, this can be adjusted manually or by pressing Reset to Defaults in the receiver menu.
The user will simply have to setup the needed messages and baud rate required by the display or device they are looking to output NMEA to. Note there are some differences in the NMEA out from a SteerCommand ECU-S1 and an OnTrac3 ECU-S1.

Differences in NMEA out from OnTrac3 and SteerCommand ECU-S1s:
 OnTrac3 ECU-S1s will only output roll corrected NMEA with a position fix indicator of 2 (legacy) in the GGA string, therefore showing up on other displays as “Differential GPS or SBAS”. This is the case even if they are inputting RTK or TerraStar GPS into the OnTrac3. Note in that scenario that the GPS corrections being output (longitude/latitude/etc.) are still at an RTK or TerraStar level, it is just the position fix indicator in the GGA string that will not indicate RTK or TerraStar level correction.

SteerCommand ECU-S1s will output roll corrected NMEA with normal position fix indicators (current) in the GGA string, meaning if they are inputting RTK to the SteerCommand, the NMEA output form the ECU-S1 will indicate a 4, which would be RTK.
Therefore, if the users other display or device requires a form of correction higher than just “Differential GPS or SBAS” like RTK they will want to look into a SteerCommand over an OnTrac3.

For connecting to this, the user would simply need a 4003263-6 NMEA adapter cable, this gets them to a standard 9-pin serial connection. This cable would hook into the connection labeled “serial” on one of the ECU-S1 Main Harness (201-0605-02 or 201-0614-01).
Note: ECU-S1 version 2.0.30256 is required for NMEA out of the ECU-S1. 

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