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Q: Why is my moisture reading staying at 5% or 0%?

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Last updated: 11 Aug, 2017
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Question: Why is my moisture reading staying at 5% or 0%?

Answer: First, make sure the manual moisture setting isn't check-marked. This setting is found under the calibrate moisture button on the run screen

Next, ensure the EMU chamber and moisture sensor are not plugged up with green matter or mud. Clean the chamber and blade of the moisture sensor.
Another symptom of a low moisture reading is the EMU motor may be constantly running or not running at all. The harvest diagnostics page will display several readouts to help you determine if the motor is cycling during harvesting. Proximity switch on/off, relay status and motor current should all populate each second or two during normal operation. If the motor is drawing a current and proximity and relay status' are on, the motor is always cycling grain past the sensor and not allowing enough grain to accumulate around the sensor for a reading. Adjust the proximity switch or clean the debris from in front of the proximity "eye." 

Lastly, make sure the temperature has been calibrated or the moisture reading may not be accurate.

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