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Q: Why is my harvest area count inaccurate?

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Last updated: 08 Nov, 2013
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Question: Why is my area count inaccurate?

Answer: For harvest field operation, area is calculated by looking at speed and swath. First, make sure the header width (swath) is entered correctly. Also be sure to make sure that area cuts on and off when the header is lifted and set properly for the crop type. 

Another consideration is speed source. Make sure the AutoSwath sensitivity level is set properly for the correction source being used (e.g. set to level 3 for a 5 Hz WAAS receiver, level 5 for terrain compensated RTK receiver, etc.) Also be sure the back up speed sensor has been calibrated by performing a distance calibration. 

If AutoSwath performance seems degraded and all the above considerations have been verified, a simple display power cycle will reset the AutoSwath background map.