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Q: After changing initially, why is my moisture reading locked on the same percentage?

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Last updated: 08 Nov, 2013
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Question: After changing initially, why is my moisture reading locked on the same percentage?

Answer: When the moisture reading isn't changing, this is most likely being caused by the EMU motor not turning - therefore grain is stagnant in front of the moisture sensor.                                                                                                                     
The first item to address is to ensure the 5 AMP fuse of the the EMU control cable is still good. Visually inspect the spade fuse, there will be a thin strip of metal enclosed in transparent plastic. The strip with be present and clean if the fuse is good, the strip will be clearly broken if the fuse is blown. If the fuse is blown, replace it with a 5 AMP fuse. Any larger of a fuse will cause undue harm to the EMU motor. 

If the fuse is good, the next consideration is to ensure the EMU battery cable is providing 12 Volts to the EMU control cable on the 2 pin connection into the fused line. If not, be sure that the 30 AMP fuse on the EMU battery power cable is still good. Also, take the battery power connection and plug it directly to the EMU motor. The motor should turn, ensuring that it is good. 

If the motor is good, remove the cover to the EMU - you'll need to remove two 1/4'' nuts to access the proximity switch. To adjust the proximity switch, turn the screw clockwise until the EMU motor turns. Now, turn the set screw counter -clockwise three whole revolutions to set the sensitivity correctly. If the switch never turns the motor on, the switch is the culprit. This video may be of assistance in adjusting the proximity switch. 

If the LED light on the proximity switch comes on but the motor doesn't turn then the relay may likely need to be replaced. The relay (PN 3100128) is external on moisture module PN 4000158 and integrated into the new module (EMU control cable 4001539-3) so the module itself may need to be replaced.