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Q: Why can I not load my harvest configuration to the run screen?

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Last updated: 16 Nov, 2016
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Question: Why can I not load my harvest configuration to the run screen?

Answer: The CAN-based displays (e.g. InCommand, Ag Leader® Integra, Versa, InSight, EDGE) must recognize the operation's respective modules on the CAN bus in order to load the run screen. For harvest, this means the Flow Sensor module, Speed module and Moisture module must be on the CAN bus.      


To see if the modules are on the CAN bus, select the devices or system button in the upper right corner. Additionally, CAN communication is noted by a blinking green light on the module. If a module or modules are missing from the devices list, try cycling power on the display, sometimes that is all that is needed to get communication again. Next, check the CAN line for pinched cables and broken connections. Try unplugging and plugging connections, sometimes this may be enough to get a communication back.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

If all CAN modules are missing from the devices list, the relay on the display cable may be suspect. Inspect the relay on the display cable to ensure it is fully plugged in and it should be blinking green. Another symptom of a bad relay is the GPS wouldn't be receiving power so the display would not be getting GPS information. The relay is pictured below.

Note: When using InCommand specific display cabling (non-Legacy), there will be no relay in use.  


If the above suggestions are not working, another consideration is the terminator plug. Ag Leader's CAN system needs one terminator plug to complete the CAN communication line. The terminator is a plug with a brown rubber grommet. There is a resistor placed on the CAN communication pins and the resistance should be around 120 ohms. Typically on an Ag Leader yield monitor, the terminator will be off the Y splice up by the flow sensor. The terminator will look as below, with a brown rubber grommet opposite of the clip. A dust plug will have the same general appearance but with a blue rubber grommet. Dust plugs will not terminate the CAN line.


Lastly, try moving the module without CAN communication up the CAN line (closer to the display) to rule out connections or cabling. Be sure to thoroughly inspect CAN stubs and harness connections and pins before replacing a whole harness. 

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