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PF3000 / PF3000PRO / PFadvantage
document Note to Unzip file before upgrading PF Series monitors
The download file is still in .exe format and needs to be unzipped.  If the file is not unzipped and the .exe file is put on the card, when trying to upgrade the PF Series monitor it wont recognize the file.  The file needs to be a .pld file. Note: An easy procedure is to save the .pld file to the desktop and then put on the flashcard.
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document Num Rec Sync Error on PF Series monitors
Problem/Cause: Error on PF Series monitor that says Num Rec Sync Error. The monitor has current version firmware 6.01 installed. Solution: Create a new log file. Go to the Menu/Setup/Card. Scroll down so Log File is highlighted then press the Edit button. At the bottom of the screen press Create File. This will create a new log file and the user will be OK to operate.
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document Incorrect Date on PF3000, Dead Battery
Symptoms/Indications: Check your monitor for dead batteries by checking the date under SETUP CONSOLE If it is set to 1-1-20xx then set the correct date and reboot the monitor. If it comes up incorrect again the internal battery is dead. Problem/Cause: Ag Leader has found that many of the earlier PF3000’s and PF3000 Pro’s are showing up with dead batteries, this can occur after about 4 to 5 years of use. Solution: Replace the internal battery, customers must call their local dealer to get a...
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document Installing Internal Battery in PF 3000 (Kit PN 3001947)
  1. Disconnect power from PF 3000. 2. Remove 6 screws (12 screws if you have an add-on GPS) from bottom of PF 3000. Remove bottom plate from monitor. 3. Remove 9 screws around front edge of PF 3000 along sides and top – DO NOT remove the screws towards the back of the monitor 4. Touch your finger to a screw in a wall outlet or other well-grounded device to discharge any static electricity before touching anything inside the PF 3000. 5. Hinge front of monitor open from top. 6. You will see...
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document Q: Can I map tile lines with my PF series monitor?
Question: Can I map tile lines with my PF series monitor? Answer: Yes, you may use the PF in Site Verification mode to map tile lines. The most effective way to map tile lines is to use the area count switch to map out the individual lines. You simply turn the area count on when you want to map a particular line, and then turn it off when you move to the next tile line. (Tip: if you have different tile sizes in the field, use a different load for the different tile sizes. Simply name the load the size...
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document Q: What setup is required in order to use my PF for monitoring/controlling seeding and fertilizer rates?
Question: What setup is required in order to use my PF for monitoring/controlling seeding and fertilizer rates? Answer: To operate the majority of controllers with the PF, all you’ll need is a single serial cable. With that simple addition, you’ll be able to map the actual rates you apply as well as Variable Rate Control if so desired. If your controller does not have a serial port on it or is not compatible with PF monitors, many times we can tee into the flow meter connection. With this...
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document Q: I have GPS signal, my area is counting and showing yields but I can't see a map on the PF Series monitor
Question:  I have GPS signal, my area is counting and showing yields but I can't see a map. Answer: You most likely have a flier point from a bad GPS reading or you may have logged a point elsewhere before coming to the current field. If using a PF monitor, view the files on the Card and delete temporary coverage files ending in *.pfc. *.pfc files contain on-screen viewing maps, and are not important. If using a CAN based display, you may try to use the zoom function, clear bounds or create a...
21 Oct, 2013 Views: 4680
document Connecting an Ag Leader Display to a Battery Source
Problem: Difficulties trying to find 12 volt power on vehicles with certain battery setups Ag Leader recommends going directly to the battery source for a clean, reliable 12 volt power source, unless otherwise stated in the installation instructions. Resolution: The illustration below shows how to properly connect an Ag Leader display based on different vehicle battery configurations NOTE: If battery voltage is anything over than 12 volt nominal, damage any occur to electrical components
08 Apr, 2016 Views: 3281
document PFA and PF Pro Back Connections
This document explains the differences between the connections on the back of a PF Advantage and a PF Pro. PFA and PF PRO Connections
30 Jul, 2013 Views: 4701
document Bad ID Upon Shutdown on PF Series Monitors
Bad ID Upon Shutdown on PF Series Monitors   The Bad ID error occurs during shutting down the PF monitor, this is a known issue with version 6.01 firmware. When you encounter this, press the bottom left button to navigate through the two error messages and then the monitor will save to card and shutdown. Receiving the Bad ID or Bad Param error occasionally is caused by using an add-on GPS/21A lightbar combination; this is not a cause for sending in the display. 
21 Oct, 2013 Views: 1607
document Q: My PF monitor says "Fatal Data Object Error..." What can I do?
Question: I am receiving a Fatal Data Object Error message on my PF display, what can I do?  Answer: To fix the error, a procedure known as "Newboxing" must be carried out. To newbox the PF display, turn the monitor off and when you turn it on again, as the status bar loads, press the right arrow on the bottom keypad. This will prompt the menu in which will be the option to newbox the display. Acknowledge the warning and press newbox. The display will power on to the run screen and all data and...
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document Differences Between ATA Flash and SRAM Cards
    ATA Flash Card SRAM Speed Relatively slow write cycle than SRAM Faster access time Data Retention High data security – nonvolatile device Lower data security – due to a potential battery failure will cause the loss of all data. Power Consumption ...
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document Troubleshooting PF3000 & PFPro
All Modes             P. Not getting strong GPS signal and have low SNR.              Q. Are cables touching, crossing, does SNR change if cables are moved in cab, are there other antenna’s by receiver.   Move location of receiver.             A. turn fans, lights, other controllers, radio, two-way radio and cell phones...
17 Feb, 2014 Views: 2471
document Q: What do I need to connect a PFAdvantage or PFPro to a GPS 1500/1600/2500 receiver?
Question: How do I connect a GPS 1500/1600/2500 to an Ag Leader PFAdvantage or PFPro console? Answer: Depending on how you'd prefer the receiver powered there are two options, one that allows the console to provide the receiver power and one that relies on the receiver power being provided elsewhere.  You'll need the following: A. ) A Single Port Mobile Logging Cable, PN 4002675-18 and an Adapter Cable NMEA to Aux Port 1, PN 2000990, where receiver power will be provided elsewhere (cigarette...
22 Apr, 2014 Views: 1710
document Bad End Guard Error on PF Series Monitors
Bad End Guard Error on PF Series Monitors PF series monitors on version 6.01 have been known to infrequently generate a Bad End Guard error.  If you encounter this issue, it can be resolved by cycling power to the monitor. If the error persists, have the customer save the data to the card and have the PF console sent in for a memory test. 
07 Jan, 2015 Views: 1353
document PF with Add-on GPS Sluggish Behavior
Symptom/Indication: PF3000 with and Add GPS is responding slow or sluggish to button presses. Problem/Cause: In July of 2007, old WAAS satellite PRNs 122 and 134 were decommissioned. The PF3000 Add-on GPS units will require an upgrade to be able to utilize the new WAAS satellite PRNs 135 and 138. Units that have not been upgraded may not track current WAAS PRNs 135 and 138 and may also take several seconds to respond to button presses.  Solution: Add-on GPS firmware of 3.0 or higher is...
18 Feb, 2015 Views: 495
document Q: How do I format my data card for my monitor?
For customers wanting to format the card before starting the new season. Formatting Cards Formatting should only be done when the Ag Leader monitor prompts you to format the card. Details by Operating System: Windows 7 You will need to open DOS and type the following: format g: /a:4096 Where "G" is the drive letter of the card reader. If you have a different drive letter then use that, failure to do so could result in loss of data on your computer. Windows XP You will need to open...
08 May, 2017 Views: 9066