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document SureForce FAQ
SureForce FAQ Which displays will be compatible with SureForce? SureForce is only compatible with the InCommand 1200 display. What modules are used with SureForce system? A single Planter Control Module 2 (PCM2) per planter and a Row Control Module (RCM) per planter row. The PCM for SureForce is a different module than Row by Row downforce systems. How are the hoses and valve blocks laid out on the planter? There is a Main Control Valve connecting to an individual valve on each row....
30 Oct, 2018 Views: 1982
document Planting with SureForce
By focusing on agronomic principles for the crop being planted and having a working knowledge of how SureForce behaves, we can ensure that the crop has a high potential for prompt and uniform emergence. Consider the two categorical influencers for applied force, the row unit and field conditions. Thinking about downforce in this way can help operators identify potential problems and gain a deeper understanding of information shown on the InCommand 1200 as applied force is automatically...
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document SureForce on White 8500/9500 Planters
Ag Leader does not have kit support for these planters as there are certain cases where we cannot mount SureForce. Existing pneumatic down force mounting hardware makes it difficult or impossible to mount SureForce actuators and actuator brackets. It may be possible to mount SureForce on planters if pneumatic down force was NOT installed. If a customer would like to install SureForce on these planters they have to do their own research on the planter configuration and if the required hardware components...
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document RCM Breakout Cable Changes
The RCM breakout cable has been updated for use with SureForce. The RCM breakout cable used with the Row by Row Dawn system is PN: 4004805. With the release of the SureForce system the cable has been updated to lengthen the cable connecting to the row valve. The new part number for the RCM breakout cable is 4005141. For those customers looking to add SureForce to an existing SureDrive system, an extension cable can be purchased. The part number for the extension cable is 4004921-5
15 Oct, 2018 Views: 225
document Harvest International with SureDrive and SureForce
Harvest International with SureDrive/SureForce When looking to add SureDrive and/or SureForce to a Harvest International planter, some parts will be sourced from Harvest International while others will be sourced from Ag Leader. Components provided by Harvest International SureDrive mounting brackets (for Selenium meter) SureForce brackets Upper and lower brackets RCM mounting brackets If the planter is running SureDrives on Vset2 meters the RCM bracket will need to be modified...
08 May, 2019 Views: 332
document What is the difference between PCM vs PCM2?
Physically the modules look the same with the exception of the sticker on the front.
30 Nov, 2018 Views: 281
document SureForce with Kinze Setback
Ag Leader SureForce is supported on Kinze 3000 series puller row units running the four inch setback without requiring any additional hardware. The pictures on the left side show the standard Kinze 3000 SureForce install. The pictures on the right show SureForce installed with the 4” setback. Notice the only changes are the angle of the SureForce actuator. Note: Setback kits that are 6 inches are not supported. There is not enough distance for the actuator to fully extend and put the pin...
26 Feb, 2019 Views: 291
document SureForce on Early Case IH 1200 Row Units
Early model Case IH 1200 series row units have a different style depth adjustment than newer models. If SureForce is being installed on one of these early row units, the depth adjustment needs to be retrofitted with the modern style before the Ag Leader gauge wheel load sensor can be successfully installed. Figure 1 - The gauge wheel load sensor installed Figure 2 - The original handle does not fit With the gauge wheel load sensor installed, the adjustment knob will not fully...
11 Jan, 2019 Views: 159
document Difference between Hydraulic Bleed and Hydraulic Check
(Note: Depending on weight of the row unit the row unit may or may not actually lift in the air during the Hydraulic Check.) Hydraulic Bleed / Hydraulic Check Troubleshooting
02 Apr, 2019 Views: 365
document Planting with SureDrive and/or SureForce - Operation Checklist
This article provides operational checklist for SureDrive and/or SureForce users to ensure proper function and performance for a successful planting season. Steps to Success: Verify system power (12v-14v) and cable routing (pinch points) Verify hydraulic plumbing (tractor SCV connections/settings and hose plumbing) Verify population settings and performance Verify Downforce settings and performance (where applicable) Compare logged data with dig test to verify population and proper downforce...
19 Mar, 2019 Views: 242
document Hydraulic Bleed/Check Troubleshooting
Before running SureForce for the season you’ll want to verify functionality by running a hydraulic bleed and hydraulic check. If the hydraulic check/bleed are not functioning you’ll need to verify the following: 1. To run the Hydraulic Check or Bleed you will need to be on the Main Down Force Setup screen, and not have a current event on the run screen. If you do not have the option for Hydraulic Check or Bleed you’ll need to create a configuration using SureForce and not Row Modules for...
16 Apr, 2019 Views: 447
document SureForce on Kinze 4900 with ISO system is not applying down force or reading gauge wheel load on specific rows
SureForce is not applying down force or reading gauge wheel load on specific rows when Kinze 4900 ISO system is connected to and using the same BUS. Scenario: InCommand display running SureFore down force system 24 row Kinze 4900 planter ISO connected on same BUS as SureForce Rows 15-24 are not reading gauge wheel load and there is no down force being applied (pictured below): Solution: Create a configuration WITHOUT using load and go. When creating the configuration, user...
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document RCM I/O Clutch Control Functionality
When using an RCM for section control, the RCM will provide a constant ground to the 2 pin WP connection highlighted in the pictures below. The RCM will provide power to engage the clutch when the user lifts the planter, enters an autoswath area, or turns the system off with a master or section switch, and remove power when in a planting state. The three RCM I/O cables offered are listed below with the clutch connection highlighted. RCM I/O Full - PN 4004805 RCM I/O - PN 4005141 RCM I/O Seed...
02 May, 2019 Views: 114